1. Pot affects the brain's ability to reason and analyse. The top nations in education ban it. Why would you allow this? For money? What caliber of workforce and military will you have? How will they compete generations down the line?

  2. This plant comes from mother nature not man made . Man made drug's damage a lot of American people lives and they Dont want computation in the way .

  3. Pot. My take on this issue is, keep the gov out of it. No taxing pot without issuing pardons to the hundreds of thousands that served prison sentences.

  4. How do i buy into this stock? I got 10k ill buy in!! How?

    Sad most of these comments don't know anything, and they are made off ignorance!! Educate yourself on the subject!!

  5. Huge mistake for California. Soon there will be a backlash. But first few years drug addicts will be happy.

  6. Long term, OH yeah! Fuck these pharmaceutical companies who poison you on a daily basis! Go green, go natural! Fuck sessions, he's in the pocket of these companies.

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