Is Nationwide Marijuana Legalization Just Around the Corner?

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  1. No most states don't want to give up the money generated. The courts make billions of dollars for simple possession.

  2. Cannabis was demonized by big pharma, simply, they could not compete with Gods Plant's Science!! Genesis ch1 v29 seeding plants are for man's food and medicinal purposes

  3. As far as CBD oil goes. Tuesday was the first time EVER in my life where I used CBD oil. Let me just say this, CBD is the most amazing thing I've ever used for short term memory issues. Not to mention I feel mellow (NOT high but mellow) I agree with Trump when he said it's up to the states to legalize it and not up to him. That way the government stays out of this

  4. But with no Marijuana laws how will we control the negros? I mean it is the reason we started this war on drugs, No this law cant go away. if we can't throw people we like in jail for a plant what else will we do to keep the poorer classes down?

  5. Lol tax dollars for bullshit "racial injustice" what a crock of shit, just legalize it were fine without the police racial bias lies attached to it thanks

  6. Yes! But NOT because everyone all of the sudden woke the hell up! There is ONLY 1 reason legalization is being "fast tracked" and for the most part it SUCKS! Marijuana is being legalized 100% for big pharma and the LIE that is the opioid crisis.
    Kratom WILL be made illegal and Big Pharma has ALREADY made the Kratom Pills. 6 Strengths already Patented, made and sitting on the shelves. You can prove what I just said in less than 5 minutes using Google.
    I was on Rx opiods from 2001 to 2018 (March 16th to be exact) and bought Kratom as a last resort, hearing about its pain & opioid withdrawal benefits and really believing NEITHER. I had tried Weed on a few occasions to try and replace my Rx opioid and the 1st time was a non specific strain from anywhere, streets, USA and NO Effect except some psychotropic crap that I did NOT enjoy. The next 2 times went as follows: BOTH were given via a 72 year old Psychiatrist friend of the family that was battling Cancer and has died only a few months ago… with these instructions: These are Edible Marijuana Candies from a Dispensary. They are in 2 separate containers for a reason. I want you to keep a Log documenting (she even gave me a new Journal. I miss her a lot) which medicine you've used, what time dosage was taken, how you felt, what you liked and what you didn't like about each medicine. DO NOT take both medications on the same day!! In fact wait 2-3 days between medications. She didn't tell me what to expect at all. I was 53 years old at the time and did experiment with Weed in high school. I did remove caffeine and pain medications along with muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatorys 36 hours before 1st Med. I wanted to go 48 hours but opioid withdrawals had me hurting 10 fold, good sweats, restless legs, cramping, no sleep, etc, so I took one of the Rx Edibles. The one I took that night made my heart pound out of my chest (describing feelings here NOT Literals), it made me paranoid & gave me the munchies (like high school 35 years prior), it actually made me Ache MORE, it wasn't allowing me to relax and made it so that I couldn't sleep. * It made me Very "High" & I didn't want to be "high". I had a "sitter" with me as recommended by my oldest son (22 at the tine). But not for worry about taking too much, going to the hospital or keep me chill asap for the experience. Instead it was to write down and document EVERYTHING I said and even what they perceived that I was going through and to make sure that I had gone through the entire duration of the Edible. After the effects of that wore off, I took my Rx Opioids, my Rx Xanax and my Rx Ambien and slept for 14 hours straight. I did NOT want to even try the other Edible. I called her and she said, "Good, that won't happen with the other Edible. I Promise. Take it and call me after". So, 36 hours later, I called the "sitter" and took Edible #2. Here is what followed : I was almost immediately relaxed. My normal anxiety & even the built up anxiety of doing this again was not only gone but I was care free. My opioid withdrawals subsided greatly but we're still there to some extent: the cold sweats gone, the cramping gone, the restless leg was at approximately 25% or 75% reduction, my overall PAIN was diminished by approximately 90%, I was NOT paranoid, I did NOT want to eat everything in the house, and I fell asleep & slept like a baby. Oh, and I didn't get "high" like the other. This wasn't even as bad as an alcohol buzz. Upon waking up, calling the sitter and getting his feedback until I was fast asleep for a couple hours before he left & him telling me where he left the journal…. I called the 72 year old Psych that gave the 2 meds to me and told her what I just told you all. I DID ask her WHY she made me go through BOTH meds. She knew that I had battled cancer TWICE. Both over 10 years apart & the second one was NEW. Meaning the 1st didn't come back and spread. The 1st Rx Edible I took and HATED she wanted to see if I not only wanted to eat but was able AND if my usual Nausea would be there or not. I did NOT experience nausea AT ALL. I not only wanted to eat but was ABLE to eat AND keep it down without discomfort. The second Rx Edible gave me EVERYTHING that I wanted except the desire to eat, keep it down w/o discomfort and NOT be Nauseous. But, I was NOT looking for that benefit either and didn't recognize that lack of mention in the journal until she pointed it out. So, the 1st Strain that I consumed was a Sativa containing a high THC content. The 2nd Edible was an Indica having a Low THC content. ALL this being experimented & done, it still was/is NOT legal where I resided.
    ☆☆☆ (I did the experiments in my Psych friends home State of Colorado). So, hearing much about Kratom. Including from my Psych friend & knowing that I was looking at a forced WEEN (even more drastic than what the CDC recommendations to pain management centers were) some of which went to Soboxone (Methadone) after the Hydro/Oxy WEEN for another addiction to be weaned from… I bought some Kratom. I've tried the 3 main strains Green, Red, Maeng Da. The Red makes me slightly more tired. The Green slightly more energy and I settled on the Maeng Da as it gave me the longest time without pain, lowest dose to receive the benefit of ZERO pain AND probably as important if not more than pain relief is ZERO WITHDRAWALS from Rx Opioids!!!! Some people like the High from Weed. I do NOT. That being said Kratom taken the day after Rx Opiods were stopped COMPLETELY ELIMINATES WITHDRAWALS!!!! Kratom relieves all pain AND if you don't increase your dosage like you tend to do with Opioids, alcohol, Weed, etc, etc Then you can maintain a SMALL does of 3 Grams per 24 hours to receive no withdrawals & no pain. 3 Grams is equal to 3 "000" size gelatin or vegetable capsules. You can buy the capsules and a filling machine on Amazon & you won't have to deal with the awful taste. Anyway, NOW I'm terrified of the day Kratom is made illegal. Which WILL be soon. Marijuana is NOT a good substitute for opioid withdrawal & or pain relief IMHO. But Marijuana makes you Consume MORE food, makes you incredibly UNMOTIVATED and keeps you happier at NOT achieving. Pot should have ALWAYS been legal same as Kratom. We should be PHYSICALLY fighting big pharma, their lobbyists and the piece of shit Politicians that take money from them to get their dirty laws passed and OUR FREEDOMS taken away!!!

  7. Intrastate commerce isn't legal but can it be shipped between states? I've heard the fedex center in Memphis often smells like cannabis because it being shipped so much.

  8. 40$ an ounce in Oregon? is this true? if so im moving now as that alone would offset the standard of living

  9. Louisiana has medical yet only have a few ways to get it.. basically gotta be almost dead to get it, and even those people can’t get it yet. It’s been 6 months and nothing still. Just fuckin legalize it and let us chose. That or many many people will move out this fuckin state.

  10. I know people that use Heroin because of back pains. Of course it started with pain pills and got that extreme. But he also asks me for bud every now and then because it’s the only way he truly gets rid of pain. He said he’d smoke more or fully smoke if it was available to treat what he needs to feel better. Sucks that ppl all over the world like this are deprived of their Cannabis medicine yet can get heroin and crack in any hood anywhere or even suburbs

  11. Marijuana will be legal after the 2020 election. The Democrat candidates will support it because they don't have much to draw the vote. Trump will also support federal legalization to remove the vote draw to the Democrat. Whoever wins we all win with full legalization.

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