Is CBD Legal | US Farm Bill (2019 Legal Status)

IS CBD LEGAL in the United States // The 2018 Farm Bill was recently signed into law and changes the status of hemp and CBD under the LAW. This video …


  1. Thanks for the education! Live in Arkansas hoping to sell high CBD buds.. any news on our status? Or make a video please.keep up the the word on our special herb😉

  2. It means Jill, Our government is going to sell us the right to do something that people have been doing for 5000 years.🤡

  3. Banks continue to discriminate against Legal Hemp. They lump hemp businesses in with MRBs (marijuana related business), they charge huge fees and insist on strange and unusual forms of tracking and reporting, if they are willing to do business at all. Banks need to start drawing a distinction between .3% THC Hemp and Med/Rec Marijuana that remains schedule 1 at the Federal level. A batch number and lab report and/or State license for any CBD product should be enough proof. Bankers Are Wankers!

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