Is Cannabis the Next Trillion Dollar Market? (w/ Todd Harrison)

As founding partner and CIO of CB1 Capital Management, Todd Harrison is uniquely positioned to talk about the frontier market of cannabis investing. In this …


  1. When cannabis first came out in Canada everyone was making money, then the gov. took over and that was the end of making money it just came to an end and it will never ever be the same. Its a shame.

  2. I know it's a silly question, but what happens one day, far, far away, when a great great big enemy comes knocking and all the people are so very very calm they don't feel like answering the door ?

  3. Hi, I work for a lender company and we fund start – ups and cannabis businesses, if you guys are serious in starting a business in the cannabis world, I can help out! Only in USA. Thank you & Have a nice day!

  4. I wonder what the prisoners still locked up for minor dope offenses think of this? Disgusting, fucked up country…

  5. Support your local dispensary. Some of these corporate cannabis companies are flooding the market with cheap and poor quality products.

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