Is cannabis legalisation coming to the UK?

The Home Secretary has ordered a review into the medicinal use of cannabis – saying his decision was prompted by the cases of two young children with severe …


  1. Queen Elizabeth:
    "Phillip, be a dear & pass the royal grinder, I've packed a bowl of Westminsters finest into thine scepter"

  2. Come on Uk. You're so notoriously stiff.
    I swear ! If you introduce weed , you'll end up seeing less yobs and alcoholics in your streets, and more love.
    It's so obvious.

  3. The people have moved on…so should the government. Is the government not public servants? Supposedly working for the people???? not against.them ?

  4. It’s stupid on 420 everyone is smoking in Hyde park informs of police and they seem cool with it, 1000s of people and no fight or violence at all and come the next day after 420 the police and public y go on like it’s the same as crack/cocane again it don’t make sense

  5. Its a double blessing if cannabis/thc/cbd can help our living systems experience adequate pain/stress relief and feeling good at the same time look at morphine lets come together right now humanity

  6. So the goverments of the world ban drugs to protect everyones health. Yet when someones health hangs in the balance, and a possible cure is one of those illegal substances, the governments do nothing. Yet they are so concerned with everyones health. Bunch of hypocrites if you ask me.

  7. Over 400,000 people in the Uk use cannabis for depression, ptsd, anxiety, adhd etc
    We feel like we're on the back burner because our illnesses are invisible. Clearly stigma still is ongoing. And regulation would stop people prone to psychosis even getting near the stronger skunk.

  8. It would be good. Check up the UK spice use documentary, cuz it's illegal they make synthetic cannabis. Strong chemicals sprayed on herbs and they can't stop it because they only change a chemical structure if they make it illegal. And it's sooooo easy to get cannabis, u cant stop it. You can only try a diffrent tactic to make it legal, tax it. Accept that you cant control ppl not using the cannabis, punishing them will give way worse results. Making it illegal doesn't stop someone that wanna use it, its nothing wrong choosing to use cannabis. Change will come, im sure. I feel sorry for the family having to fight to let that child having her medicine. It's confusing for me. Yet they let precribe ampethamine like ritalin, adderal which is weird since i know some friends that has been told to have adhd and they have all stopped the ampethamine after awhile due to negative effects. It also make the brain produce less dopamine when you stop taking it. We want freedom! But we have never had a decent freedom, always some people that desire power, greed and wealth over being happy :/

    School yourself, see in clarity. It can be easy to be misguided and being told stuff that is far from reality. Propaganda has been alive for a long time and is still alive prob for benefits for a smaller group rather than the rest of us that wanna live free and happy. Much love every1<3

  9. All drugs should be legal, not controlled, not regulated, given the same class as alcohol – (with less side effects.) Imagine that, a planet that fully utilizes its mind altering substances and evolves. Crazy situation at the moment, allot of people dying around the world… Wake up people, life is short

  10. Just shows the world is a fucked up place I can't see weed legalised any time soon I just have to continue using benzodipines everyday 🙁

  11. All we have to do is wait until all the old fucks in the government die with there old thinking and we will be ok

  12. The streets of the UK are flooded with weed ,better quality than Amsterdam,so I can't see why they won't legalise it,I personally hope they don't because it will push the price up to silly prices..But I must agree medical cannabis should be freely available to those that need it.Cannabis has been used from the beginning of time and it strikes me that humans are the only living being apart from sea limpets that have receptors to cannabis.So that concludes that we must have a close relationship with cannabis and we are meant to use it,What does my head in mostly is the amount of money they have spent trying to find a cure for cancer,and still spending while the very thing they are looking for is right in front of their eyes sitting on their laps.Who are the government to decide what medication is best for us,while all this goes on thousands of people are dying everyday,go to the doctors find out you have cancer and they will kill you with radiation treatment, I can't speak for everyone but I know which option I would want to take.Like Bob Marley said,"it's a plant man! Who are they to tell me don't smoke the herb because it make you rebel,AGAINST WHAT!"Cannabis gives you more awareness,it's helps you widen your horizons and stimulates our brains to understand and see more than what we usually see,helping you to become more creative and to think out of the box they have trapped us in for so long,Just looking at some of the great work that artists ,musicians, scientists have accomplished under the influence of the old Mary Jane .This plant was given by God,because whoever created us made sure we as humans are the only thing on this planet That cannabis effects,no animal on this planet apart from limpets and humans have the receptors. I find that truly overwhelming evidence,it's blatantly obvious it was meant for us.As I am writing thousands of people are dying, little kids are suffering, and instead of Cannabis they give you Radiation and all kinds of drugs,if the cancer dont kill you the the radiotherapy will ,what a cruel fucked up planet we live on!If I ate dandy lion weeds from my garden,do you think it is right for someone to come along and tell me I can't do that because we think it's bad.I think alcohol is a downfall to society and alot more dangerous,it has no uses apart from getting you off your head ,damaging your kidneys ,liver and your general health and in return puts alot of pressure on our health services,that's without the cost of having to police the damage achohol is doing to society.If everyone smoked cannabis the world would be a much nicer place!

  13. marijuana legalization could bring growth, fix debt and tax issues. it could give thousands of jobs and save our environment from pollution. it could financially secure the education system. it could help veterans and the socially impaired, it could help feed, shelter the homeless, help rescue and protect animals, those can be decriminalized from small amounts of marijuana, its been proven its a billion dollar a year business in colorado alone

  14. growing and consuming cannabis may be illegal but it is not injured party = no crime.

  15. I'm so happy that finally 'some' children and 'some' adults have been able to get the medicine they need. Unfortunately they had to almost die and many have died trying to persuade the nasty, evil and malevolent 'leaders' that they can actually live with happiness in their lives. The people that are scared and judge those that use cannabis for less obvious ailments and illness's such as anxiety and depression (which are the most common illness's that people use cannabis for) are forbidding us from having a decent life.. all because of fear and greed. I fucking hate these pathetic idiotic leaders that really have NO CLUE!!

  16. what about the little man in the street being able to get in on the action and generating wealth for himself, or is this only going to be made availible to rich tories?

  17. the government has no place to tell us what to do with regards to cannabis, if you want to smoke it then that’s your business !
    Governments should regulate it if it wants to help educate people, I smoked it for 25 years and gave it up a year ago, don’t see the harm in giving people a choice.
    Alcohol and cigaretts are far worse drugs to use than weed so don’t no what the government is waiting for !!
    england happens to be the biggest exporter of cannabis in the world – but we in uk can’t get our hands on it legally, why ? Meanwhile people are growing illegally , some get arrested/caught , the end product at the moment is people are made out to be criminals when this is so far from the truth, its a great shame, hope things change soon especially for medical needs !

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