Is Cannabis Effective for Treating Breast Cancer? Mara Gordon / Green Flower Cannabis Health Series

Discover more about using cannabis for health and wellness at: Mara Gordon is not only the co-founder of her own cannabis …

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  1. Triple positive BC Stage IIb original diagnosis April 2008 Chemotherapy and Herceptin for one year (8 years NED). Triple positive diagnosis MBC Stage IV April 2016 currently undergoing treatment. This is truly exciting and promising. Thank you for the information on the protocol and I am so happy to hear this has been tested for the Her2+ positive as well!! I will be following and watching for any information. This is great. Would love to learn more and dig deeper into this very promising use of medical marijuana. Unfortunately, I currently do not live in a state where medical marijuana is legal. Hopefully very soon it will be legal in all states.

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