Inside the College for Budding Weed Entrepreneurs

VICE’s Erica Matson spent a day at Oaksterdam University, America’s first cannabis college where they cover everything from the business side to the science …


  1. Saludos desde España,pedazo de video,aunque un buen polen con es hierba,¡anda que no!😎😋😍

  2. lol, imagine really paying money to go to a college to learn how to grow weed…. only to harvest some bogus ass mids lol.. all the information is available to you online for FREE people! take that 1500 and get some lights, a tent, carbon filter, then put that 800 left over in a savings!!! this is legal robbery lmao

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  4. if your grown up you already should know all this i was 15 years old growing the shit out of weed in mangrove swamps in south florida in the 80s use to put them in big ass buckets cuz of brackish water we use to get alot of weed from the islands and south america so they grow like weeds in the swamps i had one that was 9 foot tall dont get me wrong many do this in cali but for me being only 15 years old with 15 plants all 5 to 9 foot i was very happy when i did harvest and shit was that sense. fuck your college we are heading down the wrong road with bud no one should have to pay to learn about weed and uncle sam needs just let weed alone there should be no control over a plant if we really free

  5. I was digging it until the last 10 seconds. Why does everything have to be politically motivated?

  6. daily pot smoker but im not sure how i feel about this college or video……weird stuff goin on here

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  8. Ye i enjoyed growing weed …. but after a lifetime of smoking and using and observing my friends I would say that weed is a double edged sword and is being glorified out of all proportion….. and the money that's being made just shows how well it's being abused …. granted it has medicinal properties but the cost of a bottle of CBD is enough to give you anxiety….. growing up in the 70' s and the 80's the propaganda was all ways that weed and coke were non addictive……. well that's a myth , once again the expense is frightful… 2/3 spliffs a day …. is an ounce a month / 250/300 bucks /3600 a year … fuck that

  9. Enviromental science degree = become a real botanist! You'll get paid more and know you'll know what the fuck your talking about.

  10. Hmm. Where do I get an application to teach.. I'll cover turf and soil sciences. Got a BS in that very subject from Boston University Amherst. And I grow dank dank.

  11. so someone figured out a way how to have people pay to trim their weed for them. brilliant.

  12. why did i have a feeling that when i clicked on this video, morgan freeman or snoop dogg was gon be the narrator

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