Inside California's Premium Cannabis Trade Show, Hall of Flowers

We take a look inside Hall of Flowers, a cannabis trade show held in Santa Rosa, California, that serves as a meeting place for weed companies and those …


  1. Most the people interviewed seemed to be white women. Hmm. Exemplifies the prejudice in the industry that I hope changes in the future.

  2. Those of us destined to confront serious and often chronic medical conditions on a daily basis already deal with having no access to medical coverage for cannabis and we also must confront the reality that the direction of these programs does not appear to be designed with the interests of patients in mind, as envisioned.

  3. Wish I was in cali, next state over but they still dont have the federal level down yet 😒

  4. Just use a bong… use vodka instead of water… that'll get you proper MASHED😂😂🍷🍹🍸🍺🎂🎂❤❤

  5. Looks a bit white. Still find it mad that minority groups are basically being kicked out of the industry.

  6. I now the greatest free hand joint roller in the world..these rookies need support rolling J's? I make half a gram last half an hour with half a zig zag..

  7. I've done years of my life in Georgia state penitentiaries for selling "flowers" ……………yet I still do it!!!!!!!

  8. Would be cool if people just cared about the planet and not cool packaging that gets thrown away every time.

  9. so its all white people in the industry its like they couldn't wait to take over the industry when it became legal

  10. Weed went from a drug that "made white women wanna have sex with black men" to now white women run their own weed business……and black people still get harrassed or locked for having. Black guy got 13 years in prison for about 2g's worth of weed in a joint and a lady was marketing the EXACT same thing her.. funny🤔

  11. That woman at 4:04 boasted "0 parts per billion of any pesticide or chemical" — Yet the THC, lignins, terpenes, plant matter, and even the water inside the product are all chemicals. Even glossing over it as being less specific, implying no carcinogens or toxins— well that isn't even true due to the carbon monoxide, tar, and other combustion products that are both chemicals and toxins.

  12. I had know idea how innovative it has become. Its really interesting what we can do you with this product. I wish my state wasn't so closed minded. I've spoke to several people in my state and cant believe when I hear this statement (gateway drug). Only if they knew how much medicinal advantages this product offers. Keep the knew ideas coming! I love watching these kind of videos.

  13. All of these people suck. They are taking advantage of consumers… the branding has nothing to do with the potency, smoke and taste…. grow your own…

  14. Why buy a plant. Its a fucking plant. Spend 400 bucks and get a cheap set up. You can get about a half lb every 3 months with that set up… its easy.

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