Inside a Home DMT Lab Run by A Chemistry Teacher

VICE visits a homemade DMT lab in the heart of London and sees how the product is made. Splitting his time between teaching chemistry and making DMT, …


  1. These people are critical in our society. Thank you Vice for this wonderful documentary . I have always wanted to try DMT.

  2. First time I did dmt I seen mathematic symbols everywhere for equations I have never seen or even known that’s when I knew their is more to life then the society working code

  3. Yes – the first couple of minutes is on the money. The prevailing idea that what you are striving for is an amazing car or a wonderful house is completely undermined by psychedelics. Under the influence all that stuff just seems ridiculous, which of course it is. Your attention is diverted to the incredible situation in which we find ourselves and the wonder of our surroundings.

  4. I should have studied organic chemistry instead of theoretical physics…
    Too bad that after 7 years I'm too broke to afford it.

  5. Just wanted to note, that this is simply an extraction – which really anybody with half a brain can do – and not something like an alice-synthesis

  6. 7:16
    I think one need to use sep. funnel 2-3 times.
    He skipped that?
    also why not destill it at end to be sure impurities are rid off?

    so emulsified, its scary.
    Wonder how many other toxic substances are on board this one. with they had dome some analysis

  7. When a drug makes you lose your ego it's the best thing ever because you have no dignity yh but you feel so good about yourself and others you just open up

  8. For a chemistry teacher, he doesn't know much about what he is doing. He does plenty of things wrong.

  9. Warning: there are flashing images in this video
    The flashing lights: tHEre ArE FlAsHIng LigHTs iN tHIs vIDEo

  10. It doesn't take a chemist to make DMT. It's way too easy lol. People do it all the time and everyone I met that has used it made it themselves lmao at least around here you dont just go out and buy DMT

  11. What's even better is peaking on 4-600ug lsd and then vape 80 to 100mg dmt or ingest 90mg of dmt fumarate crystals. Will bring you on a amazing journey then slam you right back into your lsd trip. Very profound experience to say the least.

  12. If you could get in touch Bob I'm in lancash) contact my email if you can get a sale going,
    Sir's of the world.
    Mark Philip W.


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