INSANE Toxic Marijuana Epidemic in Chile | FULL DOCUMENTARY

This educational documentary explores the toxic marijuana epidemic in Chile – particularly drugs such as “cripy” and “porro”. Spanish Version: …


  1. A lot of love went into this film, so I hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed making it. This has definitely opened new doors, and I'm incredibly excited to see how this path unfolds. This journey has been fascinating to say the least, and I'm so grateful to have you amazing people who have been with us all this time. It warms my heart knowing how many people are willing to contribute to our vision and making authentic content about subjects that many shy away from.

    The way YouTube and advertising are set up don't make it easy for content creators such as myself, but this doesn't make me want to slow down. Quite the opposite in fact. I think it's time to push the boundaries a bit 😉

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  2. No disrespect light weights,,, I know I should not say that,, a 7 gram bag for 40 euro in Spain does me one fat strong blunt , I use to do that a lot,,,, not now ! CBD Oil helped me get off it .

  3. Great work buddy, I found it very interesting and look forward to future work. I will be defantly recommending it to friends. I found you through watching big lez show lol

  4. Yo…. Dude… Why dont you have more subs? youtube lowering algorithms because your videos are actually real and awesome! Keep going man.

  5. Reddit brought me here. This is what vice used to be before it became shit. I love this honest filming.

  6. Good for them chile is THE most idiot uneducated dumb people ive seen hope they can all smoke that shit

  7. You should make a documentary of what is going on in France with marijuana, you'll see that french people are the first consumer of weed in Europe, but most of the french consumer are kids and they smoke something called "shit" which is just hash with other chemicals products and they smoke that because its cheaper. France is also the country in Europe which is the most severe with the prohibition. Anyway, you did a great job for this video, thank you !

  8. the story i heard is it has gas in it because they hide it in gas tanks of trucks crossing ove rthe border from Argentina. Ive smoked it before. Still here.

  9. Mate i live in Argentina for the last Six years, and this be some bullshit, porro is a joint in spanish, cripy is a name put into fashion by rap music, and Paraguayo is Brick weed, none of it has rat poison or that shit, it's bud, stem, leaves, and most cases animal shit, once it's mixed they put it under ground and let it mold, please i didn't even finish watching this i couldn't believe the bullshit these people told you, and if you can't understand spanish and spanish slang, don't watch this.

  10. It's not marijuana though. If you are trying to educate then call a spade a spade! Research the origin of the word Marijuana too if you haven't already

  11. Yoooo the quality is way more up than I expected. This kind of shit is streaming service grade. I want to see you on Netflix or something like that with your future stuff. Keep it up!

  12. This was so beautiful to watch and super interesting! Thanks for the passion that you put into your work.

  13. Oh man, porro looks like the shit weed you'll find in abundance in India. Here, it's mixed with low doses of contaminated street heroin and even rat poison like in porro.

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