1. Just legalise it already! More than likely will eliminate more drunk driving, & grocery buys will definitely sky rocket! On top of that people will be more focused on doing what they need to be doing, after purchasing from a gas station or where ever, instead of worrying where they are going to get some weed. Plus it would give a lot of people their lives back that have misdemeanors, or felony charges. US Goverment, you have for far to long ruined many people's lives, because of these bullshit charges. Just imagine all the good people out there that smoke weed, that use to have a promising future, on what good they could've done the world, but can't because they have a bogus marijuana charge(s). Just like the Nazi's almost exterminating the Jewish community. Imagine all the modern advances in technology, & diseases that could've been cured in the world, if we never had the holocaust. My question is though, after & someday it will be legal for recreational use, but after it's legalised, if our arrest records for Marijuana will be erased? Probably not, plus all the court fines, & probation charges we had to pay, should be refunded back onto a tax return. War on drugs? idk about that shit, but just take weed off that list. Instead marketing weed, & making TRILLIONS of money from it, we are wasting money, by paying courts, court fines, & probation fees, & drug and alcohol classes, because of a marijuana charge, when we could be buying from the US government, & helping our country out a hell of a lot more!

  2. Things are looking pretty good for this, I reckon. We finally got alcohol on Sundays…🙂 Now it's time to move forward with medical marijuana. Then recreational marijuana…😏 The people have spoken, it's time for a change…✊

  3. I hope so because I’m sick of all these pills for chronic pain… if they can start selling booze on Sunday they should definitely legalize marijuana

  4. I called Mr Lucas talked to his assistant told the to look into Israel's 50 years of medical marijuana research for arguing for the legalization of medical marijuana

  5. Please I took myself off of opoids after 20 years of being addicted to the pills and started using medical marijuana instead if you need research look to Israel and there 50 years of medical marijuana they allow it in there hospitals look it up be informed and register and vote

  6. I think it will because the state coffers are empty a d they need the tax money greed will set medical marijuana on to be legal and hope one day legal across the board

  7. Unfortunately I don't think this will happen in 2018. In Indiana we still can't buy booze on Sundays because of an archaic law still on the books that law makers won't remove. Not to mention Indiana has some of the harshest marijuana laws in the nation. Weed in 2018? Don't hold your breath…….

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