Illinois Senate passes marijuana legalization bill, sends it back to Illinois House

A long-awaited plan to legalize recreational marijuana passed the Illinois Senate Wednesday evening. FULL STORY:


  1. What the hell is this country doing. Marijuana makes you stupid as hell and thats an irrefutable fact. Thats what the government wants. These pot heads don't see this because when your already stupid, you wont know your stupid. Plus for me though. Im gonna do what the government will do….. Take advantage.

  2. How are the pot heads going to afford their pot, they don’t work do they? Government going to give them free money to buy?

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  4. Illinois State Government is the first state legislature to vote themselves the Legal Cartel! WOW!

    They can pat themselves on the back for helping those of color all they want, they just found a more insidious way to to use Herb to rape the populous.

    And, oh yeah, nothing at all changes for 7 months…

  5. Employers can still hold a zero tolerance policy for marijuana. So let me get this straight, my boss can drink himself shit face every night but if I smoke a joint a week ago and have to do a piss test I can lose my job!!!?? That's fucking stupid!

  6. Wow Illinois found a new way to tax, by getting in on the drug trade. legalizing it without any conditions, would have been the only meaningful way. This is just about revenue from the poorest segment of society, nothing else.

  7. It was legal before somebody with bad math & directions got here; When is Columbus day?

  8. After law enforcement weighed they cut the freedom to grow a plant from the bill. Vote NO on any proposed "Public Safety" tax increases. No freedom no tax increase.

  9. Nothing really changes in Illinois , the black market prices will still be cheaper . Now we just have an option to get it at a store . Not being able to grow our own makes this bill a smokescreen filled with the fear of losing money . Im sure the current medicinal dispensaries played a role in that decision $$$$

  10. because putting a budding industry in the ghetto will make the south side and west side like the north side in 10 years. politicians don't want that type of world. they want, blacks to live all by themselves without integration. thats why this city is so messed up in the first place. give the poor their chance, and they will become the cities strongest asset.

  11. What gets me is it says Employers can still hold a zero tolerance policy for marijuana.. So my coworkers can drink themselves stupid every night but if i have a little puff in my own home i can lose my job if randomly drug tested?

  12. Democrats in Illinois have no problem legalizing drugs and aborting American babies but will penalize law abiding American rights to the 2nd Amendment. Great state we live in. Thanks Governor !

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