Illinois poised to become 11th state to legalize recreational marijuana

With House approval Friday, Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker will get legislation to allow residents to buy and possess up to one ounce (30 grams) of marijuana for …


  1. The frying egg analogy is over rated. That is what you think your brain is doing but then you realize that is what is feels like but your just paranoid lol

  2. Good. Just regulate it like alcohol. My god. Legalize it federally. Trump already signed the farm bill. If he legalized it federally it would be easier.

  3. Fucking PA better legalize it soon. Why states aren't all just legalizing it now is just beyond idiotic. NJ just banned passing it, fucking stupid as fuck.

  4. And that’s the problem. Yay! It’s legal in another state. I’m in California and it’s ok for me to smoke but if I want a better job or if I’m drug tested I will lose my current job so what’s the point? Bitter sweet and irony take the stage

  5. All the Illinois citizens that wanted to move to Colorado just gone move to the nearest dispensary im gonna be smokin weed all thru Chicago

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  7. Man-used-fry-pan-MUST-BE-VOTED-OUT-n-2020!—a-man-no-respect-VOTERS-WANT-WEED!–vote-out-man-next-year!

  8. most-people-under-21-WONT-TRY-WEED-NOW!—1st-rule-rebel-over-laws-or-parents-rules!—–NOW–NOW–1N-2019-no-people-under-21-wll-sell-or-buy-weed!–no-fun-as-not-banned-under-laws!—-so-weed-s-weed-now-wont-ever-be-try-and-soon-after-be-older-NO-MORE-PEOPLE-BUY-WEED!–WEED-EVEN-FREE-PEOPLE-WONT-TRY-LT!—-SO-STUPEED-TO-allow-under-law!—–no-one-under-21-wants-weed-now!–so-sad!–no?

  9. They used to use that egg metaphor with alcohol in DARE Program. Yet alcohol is more freely legally used. So why not marijuana?

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