I Vaped CBD E-Liquid And Things Got Weird | Well Cartel Cotton Candy E-Liquid

Attention: Everything that happened after vaping the CBD E-Liquid was purely for comedic value. It really doesn’t have a lot of value and wouldn’t even pay for a …


  1. I don't know WHERE this guy got his info from but according to Doctors CBD is illegal on a national level and has been approved by the FDA but that doesn't make it legit. In regards to what the FDA approved is CBD oil for seizures…..Thus guy doesn't know SQUAT !!!

  2. CBD does help with anxiety and relaxes you, and relieves pain but all the other stuff like diabetes and cancer are completely unfounded. It is being hyped up like any new "health trend," such as superfoods that don't really do anything so people buy the hell out of it.

    Just marketing really.

  3. OmG you make me laugh so hard exactly what i used to go through when smoking weed heart beats forget to breathe exact reason why i had to quit it all together but hopping there's a better news and better results with CBD i guess cbd its the closest one can get

  4. Would love to try. If anyone is looking for a legal HEMP oil that is super relaxing, try Solstice Hemp 2500mg oil. I'm getting amazing sleep at night

  5. Ate 4 bars at 140mg a pop felt like I was hit by a train didn't wanna do nothin didn't feel no pain lasted about 6 ish hrs

  6. What did you smoke a J before going to the gas station? CBD doesn't do any of the things you suggested in that skit.

  7. Man I am going to buy 1000mg CBD liquid in 30ml bottle as next,, I am so excited ..but I dont have a big expectations 1000mg its 10% cbd.. and Iam currently vaping on 8% cbd buds mixed with 23% cbd afgani hash in my herbal vape..like every noon..its awesome. I love it.

  8. did it really start making your heart beat go fast? i get scared of these accelerated heart beats and paranoia

  9. I got the Koi CBD juice that’s 250mg, my boyfriend & I have been mixing it in with our juice in our vapes & sometimes we will put it under our tongues, letting it sit & swallowing. So far I think it has helped, we had it for a week now.
    I recently just dropped smoking tobacco & I have kinda been struggling since it’s been a week without having a cigar/cigarette, but I think & pick up my vape instead. Hopefully soon I won’t need to chain smoke my vape as much as I do now 🤔

  10. This is the first video I watched on your channel and I have to say I love it! Subscribing for sure! Love the video and the vibe of your channel 😂💗

  11. You could tell he not a weed smoker before cbd dont really get u high it makes u relaxed🤣🤣🤣

  12. Dude you are so bs, cbd does not get you high I was hoping to see a disclaimer about the clickbait but your clickbait worked on me cause I thought you were retarded and wanted to know if you actually were retarded and say it gets you high lol

  13. Vaped thc liquid today. It was the weirdest experience I have EVER felt. Basically, it took a while to affect me but, after 6 tokes and 5 minutes, gravity felt like 10 times stronger. For example, I couldn't lift my legs very high. Everything also felt a bit slower. I found literally everything funny too

  14. Is it the same as smoking weed i mean if you use this is it the same as you used drugs cause i don't do drugs

  15. Is it the same as smoking weed i mean if you use this is it the same as you used drugs cause i don't do drugs

  16. Look into out cbdmedrops they have cbd additive that you can add to your favorite juice.

    Cbdmedrops Doty com has free shipping high quality and mg, low prices. Mention “YouTube “ in the comments if you purchase for a free gift

    They also have other cbd stuff too

  17. I know im kinda late but that wattage is to high. To get the best out of cbd -vape between 30-40 max. Like the vid 👍👍

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