Product in this video: Herbivore emerald c a n n a b i s sativa hemp deep moisture glow oil Can be found here: …


  1. I've been using the First Aid Ultra Repair Cannabis & Oat Dry Oil and its AMAZING. I use it all the time.

  2. For one it is cbd not weed oil and i am ten and no all about it and proably no evan more so get it right

  3. Hi Love your vid…just wanted to say I received the Herbivore in Emerald sample with a Sephora purchase and I'm super sensitive to the smell of weed so, I can't stand the smell of it. I personally think weed smells like skunk. So, I don't want it on my face. However, I gave the oil a try anyway and as soon as I applied it to my face It started to tingle and I immediately felt like I was about to break out so, I quickly washed it off. Because, I don't have super dry skin, any type of oil based moisturiser usually tends to break me out. Although, I do have dry areas on my body and the oil does seem to feel super hydrating so If I were to purchase another one, I would, except probably in a different scent, like rose🌹Anyway, thank you ❤

  4. I have really bad psoriasis on my face so I feel this! My skin isn’t like a desert it IS a desert!!

  5. Your skin has been glowwwwing. I work at Shoppers and have all types of skin types asking me for recommendations. I have a lady who is always coming in because she feels like her skin is so dry. I give her samples to try and this one sample I assured her she would fall in love with. She came back to buy the product right away because she couldn't believe how hydrating it was for a cleanser. So I think, in combination with your cannabis oil, maybe try this cleanser. Its called Lise Watier cooling cream foam cleanser. And it smells… Delectable.

    Note: you dont need a lot, just a dime because it foams so much and it will last you forever.

  6. I have extremely dry skin as well and I layer and that works great for me. I use Tree Hut body butter then I wait for it to absorb and then I use an oil. It helps seal in the moisture. Also another amazing thick body butter is carried by Nubian Heritage. Glad you found something that works for you!

  7. I have combination skin, well it’s oily with dry patches. lol
    I’m wondering if this would suit my skin type……?

  8. I don't even need new face products but your skin looks 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 so I'm def going to purchase

  9. Wow that was hard to concentrate on…! Mesmerised by your beauty 😮 how is that much glow allowed?! Gorgeous i wanna try it x

  10. I use the body shop hemp/WEED/CANNABIS HAND CREAM and it’s AHHH MAA ZINGGG! My skin was like snake skin, from washing them SO OFTEN when I was in the NICU with my preemie baby for monthssss!

  11. I’m in school to become a master esthetician I WISH I was in your area so I could help you 😭❤️

  12. I need to try this I’ve been in search for a 10/10 freakin skin oil because my skin is too sensitive for any creams

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