I Tried CBD Oil Vape Pen For The First Time!

What I bought in this video: Kaya Organics 200mg Disposable CBD Vape Pen (Buy One Get One Free) …


  1. Can kids use it I’m going to start doing cbd I have depression on a weekly basis and lots of anxiety! Sometimes I have back pain when I sit down and back up, thanks

  2. So I have GAD n major depression n I struggle with this everyday, I don’t want my meds bkus I have a daughter n I want to be able to be fully here, my husband told me to try cbd but since I have GAD n Major depression, I was wondering if I would need a high dose n what kind of vape pen should I ask for.

  3. $39.99 for all that CBD? makes me wonder how much CBD is in it. Full spect. CBD will be much more money and works a lot better by far. however I got some CBD on the net for $30 not bad but does not compare to the full spect cbd. Good info. thanks

  4. Preheating is crucial for oil. The color change you show at 8:08 is important to follow. Temperature is everything. ✅✅

  5. Sooooo ummmmmm quick question…… Can you buy this if your under 18? Also if its safe and has none of the stuff a vape has im just personally interested in flavor and clout

  6. my friend let me try her vape, it was a different shape and brand though, and i failed so bad because i wasn't inhaling right so i kept coughing lol but it tasted so good like a strong blueberry muffin flavor. but it wasn't cbd just regular vape oil.

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