1. you took too much – i got the same feeling as i had far too much too within the first few days ….i was so fatigued.

    The secret is to work out your dose ….you are taking too much if your mouth goes dry and you get a hyper feeling in your brain whilst feeling tired.

  2. Did you take cbd isolate, broad spectrum or full spectrum? Cbd also has a bell curve effect. 67% of cbd oils are mislabeled according to the fda and Penn medicine University unless you get GMP certified cbd oil or 3rd part tested

  3. I get the same effect man. And it feels horrible. Twitchy nervousness, and terrible anxiety. Def not for me

  4. I've tried CBD oil tincture a few times, it didn't really work for me at all. I end up using cbd flowers and wow! now that really works! I only use it to sleep tho b/c honestly its pretty sedated but it has definitely help with my insomnia.

  5. Youre preaching to the choir. I tried it today and had a reaction similar to what you described.

    I was agitated, irritable and incredibly anxious. My heart was racing and I started sweating a lot so took a shower and it made me short of breath & exhausted.

    This is the same stuff someone uses and loves and heals them.

    I was so tired when i took it but it made my mind race like crazy. I could not even consider sleeping. It did nothing to help my bad back pain. So disappointed with my experience with CBD and so far this is the only person i have seen who had a reaction similar to mine. It was like torture and i had to drink two cups of coffee to calm down. Valium* 5mg didnt even help it was that bad for me! I dont want to try it ever again!

    *i was so desperate to get relief i took 5mg of valium which i would never ever do.

  6. I can relate – I have epilepsy and weed just makes my seizure threshold plummet. I wish that wasn’t the case, I wish it helped me like so many others – but it just doesn’t.

  7. Shut..the fuck..up. Grown ass man sitting here sucking this much ass and posting goddamn videos of it. Also buying a house is just stupid.

  8. Your reaction to it is the same that I have. I'm sober now but in my younger years I was a partier and could do drugs and drink as much as I wanted and I'd be okay, except pot. My friends were amazed how much just one or two tokes would effect me

  9. Hello Wheezy, I'm not sure what type of CBD you tried but I assure you that there is no potential whatsoever for CBD to make you feel high. A direct intake via liquid vaporisation is a much more efficient way to use this type of thing for medicinal purposes. I've recently started using 1000mg CBD in a vaporiser to help myself cope with serious anxiety and other mental health issues that have been affecting my life for over 20 years.

    It has made a tremendous impact.

    I refuse to take pharmaceutical medication as it's side effects (imho) are terrible for your health.
    Perhaps it might work better if you try it that way. In my experience other things shouldn't be mixed with CBD if you're trying to use it for a medical purpose. Have a nice day & I hope you do find what you're looking for. 😊✌️

  10. You had an allergic reaction to the CBD oil, i did the CBD oil and it got rid of 90% of my pain and got 10 years of my life back!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. You make money in the purchase price—— not in the sale price. That’s a saying! I don’t own a house. But I know it’s not the best investment. But congrats!

  12. CBC is not even supposed make you to feel anything! THC is the oil that gives you all the psychogenic stuff. Beer will make you feel more.

  13. Funny this vid popped up, there has been a CBD sign at the video store(yes I still rent actual DVD's) and I finally rem to ask bout that junk just yesterday(today but I'm still up). I stopped the store dude when he mentioned marijuana oil. I have the same view, fine with others using it but makes me feel bad!

  14. Melatonin sometimes works for me… that, or benadryl.

    You don't look right. Don't do it anymore. Your wellbeing is most important.

    Edit: relatable. We're in temporary homes… maybe for the rest of our lives. That, and other things, keep me up at night too.

  15. Looks like you had a placebo effect, it can have physical symptoms although there are no actaully effects from the placebo

  16. Don't drink coffee, black tea (if you do) and hopefully your sleep will improve. Good luck with the house buying!

  17. You did this to yourself as you are describing a panic attack caused by overthinking. You can only have an allergic reaction which has very obvious effects. The best way to prove this would be to placebo check yourself. Obviously you need a friend to help you out as you have to be completely unaware for this to work.

  18. dude just shows how stigma can effect a persons experience. kids if you have a good relationship with ur mom and she thinks weed is the devil then most likely youre gonna have some psychosomatic stress with the guilt of trying something that was "illegal" or you could have an underlying anxiety disorder and the dopamine receptors which regulate anxiety might be producing too much cortisol leaving you in a flight or fight response. Either way dont use cannabinoids to be cool. most potheads (like me) use these things to cope w insecurities so if youre okay without them i wouldnt recommend trying them.

  19. Have you ever tried melatonin? I tried the homeopathic form of it about 10 or more years ago, it did not help me, however everyone is different . Just like any drug whether prescription or not people are effected differently. Yes all of us have a different DNA, and genetic code. That's why when you go to a doctor they have you fill out a form saying what drugs you are allergic to. They could get sued if they give you something your allergic to and end up dying from it. Also, hopefully the medical field does it because they don't want to mess you up worse.

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