I tried CBD OIL for one year for my ANXIETY – This is what happened.

I tried CBD oil for one year for my anxiety. Actually, it’s definitely been longer than year… regardless, I used CBD oil/hemp oil for one year in order to reduce my …


  1. anxiety is a mineral imbalance that is stuck. you can get tissue mineral analyses done and see what is going on to heal the issue. you should get the mineral practitioner training that I have and use it too to help people!! Add it in to whatever you do

  2. I think you are so intelligent and have a lot to offer your followers but you really need to work on slowing down your speech and less editing in your videos. I really want to watch you but I honestly get short of breath and nervous when I do.

  3. I know you said to take this every day but what if you don’t have anxiety every day will it still work if U jus take it as needed? I will Get it out nowhere for no reason & have a racing heart for no reason & feel like I might pass out and a lot of time I’ll get it the next day after drinking alcohol -and maybe that’s not really anxiety it’s just dehydration lol.

  4. I'm trying this because I have terrible dental anxiety that I have shaking, panic attacks in the chair. I go next week so hoping this works!

  5. After half of this video I'm experiencing anxiety nausea and feel a migraine coming on I tried CBD oil for the first time today what a total waste of $50

  6. I have been using THC free CBD oil.
    At around the 5:00 minute mark you were talking about how you were able to handle stress better if someone had yelled at you, and that is SO true!
    CBD will turn an “Oh shit!” into an “Oh well”

  7. I've never heard about how anxiety is caused chemically in your body sympathetic/parasympathetic this is amazing informaton thank u so much

  8. not sure if i'll get an answer but I have crazy anxiety and am on medication for it but its still pretty bad instead of upping my medication I was interested in an alternatives like cbd oil I purchased some gummies locally but they are full spectrum so they do have some thc so im worried about taking them I dont want to get any type of high feelings I have enough anxiety as is. Would it be better to buy something with just the cbd -cbd isolated for me then. I'm very new to all this

  9. Can Quicksilver Scientific CBD be used during fasting, or is it better left for use inside feasting window? Thank you!

  10. What brand is it? An what diet do you recommend. I believe walking helps me with my anxiety and keeping busy. But my reactive hypoglycemia drives my anxiety more. I have subscribed to your channel to get more info. CauSe…. I need it. I hate hate hate medication!! Xanax which I’ve tried just makes me sleep. I have children I need to care for and I want to have a life. Thank you for your video and look forward to hear from you.

  11. This video gives me anxiety lmao . Holy moly . So much cutting in and out . Lol. . It hasn’t relaxed you I don’t think haha .

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