1. My cat had jaundice and I cured it with CBD oil. She is eating very little at this time so I am putting her back on the CBD – it improves appetite!
    Thanks for the videođź‘Ť

  2. I have had miraculous results with CBD for both my dog’s skin cancer tumors (first tumor removed surgically, second tumor shrunk and then disappeared with CBD!). I recently started giving two of my senior cats CBD. Their appetite had waned and their fur was unkempt and greasy. It is like a miracle how they have bounced back to health! It’s like the clock has been turned back years! I am so amazed. I have been ordering a THC free 750mg per 30ml bottle and dosing only 7 drops a day. The one I buy has no taste or smell. http://selectcbd.com?afmc=6zp&utm_campaign=6zp&utm_source=leaddyno&utm_medium=affiliate

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