I TRIED A CBD VAPE PEN! – CBDFive Vape Pen Review

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  1. New to vaping. But does the mouth and bottom piece come off so I can put it on other cartridges just for aesthetic purposes? lol

  2. Hey. Awesome video. Would love to get you out some product to try and give a review. Let me know if you're interested.

  3. I'm looking for a good vape . I got a vape pen from purekane and it was messed up r something I didn't get many hits so I'm looking for a good brand. I would appreciate it. I cant waste anymore money bc this stuff isnt cheap. Thank u!!

  4. How many hits do you take for your dosage? I was doing 30 mg twice daily with gummies I’m trying to figure out how much to vape rn

  5. How often do you vape daily? 1x/per day? 2x/perday? For the oil to last you a week? I'm researching thinking of starting CBD

  6. i like your vids dude. i want a pen like that but the amazon link you provided isnt prime… and i dont want to get it 2 months from now lol

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