1. Every time I quit weed I end up realising I'm a stoner at heart and weed is good for me, if I didn't smoke weed I'm sure I'd be abusing some other drug

  2. I'm going through a really rough fight with a sugar addiction, my whole life I've ate like crap and so at 20 it's not going to be easy. This video genuinely inspired me. I'm rooting for you, we all deserve the best. Thank you.

  3. Gratitude is a good place to be, saying thank you for the large and small blessings, everyday. My sense is you have the brains, fortitude and stamina for life. You are a normal person in the manner in which we are all flawed. Life is a campaign, there is only forward. Some one else mentioned getting back up is the true measure, I dig that. I'm an old guy, I have done truly stupid things and somehow came out on the other side. I am thankful every day. Blah, blah, blah….. You have a spark, maintain it please. 🙂

  4. I think the fact you feel strong desires towards things or like addicted is actually a good thing but I think it's just a powerful strong energy/gift that can be directed to creating insane things

  5. definitely not the only one going through this.. hang in there! remember that weed is just weed and we cant live life stoned all the time, it's not desirable.

  6. Its a long read but I hope you read this Arwen.
    Can't say I dont relate. Weed is basically the only drug I've tried in my life and it fucking ruined it. Made me addicted to cigarettes and alcohol along the way and Im still addicted to those two. As for weed, I've been 6 months clean. However this time its very different. I have realized how badly it has affected my health and wallet, not to mention the most important thing, my mental and emotional state. While I have reached the 6 month mark in past efforts to quit it (after a LOT of tries that was the highest amount of time quitting it, at the time) I was whiteknuckling it (struggling not to smoke every day). What changed this time is back in August I almost got caught with a huge amount of it by the police (and since its not legal where I live) it would have destroyed my life. I could be in jail right now instead of typing this comment. Weed and I have had the best of times and the worst of times, as a SA person who struggles with social anxiety, anxiety and depression in general I was self medicating by smoking and it helped. Too bad I got addicted to it fast and hard. To me it was a friend, I actually named it Valentine.. like that's how in love with it I was. I was introduced to it when I was 21 (turning 27 in a few days) and I had the most positive experiences with it during the first year of smoking, before I knew it though my tolerance went up so I had to smoke more and more and more, that's how I introduced alcohol into the mix, to make it more potent… then I started doing the most crazy self destructive things without a care in the world, I stopped caring about my life, my health, my friends, my family, my self growth, and went into this person who even now I don't understand how I could turn into. Im currently trying to find my "old me" but we both know that guy is dead, so instead now Im trying to find the "new" me. I started with the basic question "Who have I've become?" took me a few months to answer that and now Im working on "Who can I become?". I know how hopeless life can be when you're struggling with addiction, heck Im still addicted to it and that's why I never ever wanna smoke weed again. I know that I can't control it, it controls me. Every time I thought I could control it I would only relapse in a matter of a day or two, so obviously the answer is to never do it again, once addicted, always addicted in my opinion. I still struggle with alcohol and smoking cigarettes but thankfully Im not to the point of calling myself and alcoholic just yet, so..since I enjoy it and don't wanna burn that bridge like I did with weed I need to keep it under control before it starts to control me like weed did. Cigarettes are ofc out of the question, they stink, they mess your health up and they cost money better spent elsewhere. (Gonna quit those!) Thankfully after my last scare with the police I never desired to smoke weed after that last time, you could say I was incredibly lucky but I know that its not only just that, this..is really only a fraction of the story and if you're interested you can dm me and I'll be more than happy to share my experience. Like you said, know you are not alone and know that you can beat this, you already have in the past. One last word of advice since you mentioned your whole family smokes weed and its legal when you are, accessibility to it and having relations to people who smoke are your two biggest threats. So you're already at a huge disadvantage, but not all hope is lost. I would say don't cut ties with your family but still explain to them how important this is for you and how they have to behave when you're around at least for a short amount of time so you can still have emotional support from them without having to avoid them. Communication is key here. Anyway, I rumbled long enough, just know that Im here if you need. And like always, the withdrawal will pass, might take a few weeks to feel normal again but keep reminding yourself that its not gonna last forever. Good luck and take care! Much respect for putting this out for people to see, Alex from Greece.

  7. Smoke has a high carbon content. Smoking (anything) is unhealthy and causes cancer, even if it is weed smoke.
    If you ever do go back to weed avoid smoking. The smoke has to go, it is no good.

  8. You got this, finish today so you dont have to deal with it anymore, tomorrows a new day and you got it!

  9. The greatest gift you will ever be given is your mind…within its depths lay the stuff that dreams are made of….
    No drug….no alcoholic drink can ever take the place of your natural dream machine……i see possibilities within you that you obviously have not seen in your self…..look inward…see what i see…..you will never again desire drugs…..

  10. If talking helps you talk away we will be here, even if it is to say; you are doing a good job and way to go. There is no judging from me anyway.

  11. People can be addicted to anything, from working out, to drugs, to people. Some of us are just all or nothing people. If it is affecting your health and well being I wish you the best and strength in achieving your goal of being clean. It is not how often you fail, it is how often you pick yourself back up and try again.

  12. My best wishes, Arwen. Tú puedes, señorita. "You can do it, lady"

    Saludos desde México

  13. I haven't experienced any substance addiction myself but i do have a couple unhealthy addictions to other things and felt inspired hearing you get through your own. I really hope you are able to maintain and things get better for you. 🙂

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