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  1. Ok now I first have to say I did not know to post here .. so posted on Eric's Twitter under the link . But I am a unpraticing recovery coach ..I am certified in helping mostly mom's get off drugs and live sober ..so I learned about all the drugs pot included . I loss my daughter to overdose. There is such a thing as drug induced cognitive disorder ..Google it it is crazy and I know where your coming from ..I myself do not do drugs or even drink but like you my partner smokes alot of it and my daughter . It does have a effect on the memory as well as any other drugs and drinking they may have done in the past ..my partner has died 3 times on heroin he is now 4 years sober ..but it took a toll on his cognitive thinking . So I relate when you talk of the suit and the forgetting . I'd like your email so we can maybe chat a bit more personal about this subject . I'll see ya in Feb on the 23 we got VIP tickets . Peace to you and keep the pod cast going .

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