1. There is an abundance of evidence if you care enough to look. Cannabis is one of the most important plants in the world, not just medically.
    Cannabis, mushrooms and algae can solve most of the worlds problems today.
    The future is in rewilding and reforestation.

  2. The more i look at singapore, it looks like a dictatorship…
    No! You cant do this. NOT THAT!
    If i see you smoking weed or trying to smuggle some in ur getting executed.

  3. Psychoactive drugs do help people with autism… why the fuck are you leaving that shit out?
    If the reason we have medical marijuana is because of money and propaganda, you're just propaganda.

  4. Cant give your kids a good future because you smoke weed? We'll kill you! – Singapore
    Fucking genius.

  5. This is painful to watch. "the companies which are interested in making money out of this, really dealing in destruction and death have found a new way of arguing it."

  6. It's all about money. Drug companies can't make money with medicine that literally grows out of the ground.

  7. This is the problem with Singapore. Always taking the safe route. No wonder we are famous for being a rigid society that lacks creativity.

  8. That so called doctor showed no scientific facts. He is against medical marijuana and so that is why he is speaking against it. How about showing the other side of the coin and interviewing scientists who are doing research and patients who are benefiting from it?

  9. The space agencies lie. We don't live on the cartoon animation cgi globe the fake media shows us all day every day. Earth is flat.

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