1. I just did my first smoke test of my first harvest and it's better than any street weed, even my throat feels better when smoking. I have already ordered several seeds of 4 different stains. You were right.I want to taste them all, one strain will never be enough 😂👍The high, the smell, the taste(even with just 2 weeks cure) is all better than ever.

  2. Garden looks awesome autoflowers are amazing grow nice healthy buds excellent job just ran across your Channel I did hit the like button I also subscribe to your channel brother and I did ring the bell mad respect Growers Luv

  3. Hello everyone. I’m an Amazon seller. I have indoor plants grow light on sale. And now really need some buyers to test this product. It’s for free. UK only. And if you are satisfied with this product, I hope you can leave a good review, it is very important for me. And if you have any ideas with this item, you can tell me directly. I will try to improve the product in the future. If you are interested please contact me. My email address: 879zg@sina.cn Thanks!

  4. What kind of nutes do you use? Got some FB pineapple express coming in, gonna use coco and fox farms nutes for it.

  5. Looking awesome brother loving the colors I’m also growing a fast bud Cinderella 99 cheers growmie 🙏

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