1. That's a terrible garden you have alot t learn if any of those plants live they'll probably hermaphrodite….worst I've ever seen

  2. I always transplanted my plants right in the Direct sun never had any problems but I didn't give any fertilizer when i transplanted them I wait a week after to give them food. When you give it fertilizer while you transplante them it will burn them because of the sun the plant ain't used to it yet water is the key. If your using promix peatmoss theres already enough food in the soil for over 2 weeks

  3. I would try getting a pitchfork and jam a lot of holes in soil around plants then flood them. To much chickenshit will burn them . It looks like to much dodo

  4. these plants are dead man. uggly plants. they are dying man. u get no harvest. and when u get harvest is the weed really bad . i never . really never had so uggly burned plants

  5. Always try to acclimate them in the shade if u transition plants from indoor to outdoor imo. Its a pain in the butt. Best of luck

  6. I'm growing n my plants look NOTHING like this 😂😂 use some quality fertilizer n water them

  7. My opinion and this is just speculation, but the 1st thing that went wrong was you put them outside too early, this you know, 2nd you didnt acclimate them to the sun so the leaves got light burn, 3rd it looks like you forgot to water them and they got weak. the plant got dehydrated and wilted, if that was from overwatering the leaves would turn a brownish color, and yes I have seen plants that are used to warm climate die when introduced to cold.. what's actually important is what u cant see and that's the roots…. ALSO IM SURPRISED THEY DIDNT GO INTO FLOWER WHEN U PUT THEM OUTSIDE

  8. Maybe you should take the time to learn to grow some weed you really want to smoke instead of hemp straw trees.. ..

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