Huge LED one plant harvest

I chopped down the Candy Crush Bush at day 64. 30 minutes before the lights were supposed to turn on enjoy the video and 10 days later we’ll see how it goes. All LED grown and fully organic…


  1. 404 632 3150 yo I'm in Atlanta I have plenty of clients here with cash but I need to send stuff upfront I'm talkin same day or next day cash turnaround let's network asap bro

  2. Do u mind specifying which light you used sir, especially since the thumbnail clearly say LED GROW?

  3. Heyyy Captain, may I know what's the size of your tent? I'm relaly curious about it, and how big is your growing pot?

  4. Loving the Longyear shirt man, we drillers gotta take care of each other. Great looking grow, I have an HLG on its way to my door.

  5. Great job man!! What a beast, kinda reminds me of my gdp plant not nearly as big as yours but colors were the same

  6. you sticking with quantum boards now then for future grows? and what model is your spectrum king and do you rate quantum boards better now ?

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