How Will Legalizing Recreational Marijuana In California Affect The Wine Industry? | TODAY

Back in 1996, California became the first state to legalize medical marijuana, and in a few months, recreational use will be legal there too. Many are wondering how the development will impact…


  1. So far so good for wine. Wine drinkers and weed smokers gel well. Liquor rage dirty drunks and chill potheads do not mix well.

  2. Recreational growers i frown upon. Their weed is grown like conventional foods and are of bad quality compared to organics

  3. I do not want any of this tracing every seed to seedling with a rf tag . That is overkill . No government can afford this heavy-handed, top down , you stoners are sick attitude. No one has died from cannabis ever !

  4. Marijuana heals your mind and body and helps let go of harsher drugs. Like alcoholism. Crystal meth use. Cocaine. Heroin. Pills. ect.

  5. Weed actually tastes and smells goooooooddddd. Wine taste nasty and smell not as good either. Cannabis is just super safe. No hangover no dehydration. No anger. Calms your mind. Levels hormones. And reduces body temperature making it a very affective medicine for a fever For children and adults.

  6. F alcohol. Nothing good has ever come from it. Cannibis is what got me to quit drinking 20 yrs ago.

  7. If your drinking and not driving then while your committing to staying in one place for a while…

  8. We are suppliers and distributors of different varieties of hash, oil, vaporizer, and medical marijuana strains that is good for cancer, others illness.
    we sell top shelf marijuana????half oz $150 oz $250 QP $600 HP $1200 Pound $2500 dm if interested????ship world wide???? ????no medical card required

  9. Legalize it, i will advertise it!!! the late Great "Peter Tosh" 💚💛❤️

  10. There are 3 main things that will take a hit…1 cotton industry..2 oil companys…3 pharmaceutical industries…this is why it was made illegal in the first place..and one more…paper industries.

  11. What about all the people that was incarcerated for this? How come are they being blocked from getting a license?

  12. Marijuana? Insane!… that is a drug and scientifically proven to damage the brain's analytical ability. California is a hub for tech industries! You need talent and intellectual people studying there. Spreading the drug will be a disaster to both your industries and workforce. Rethink this.

  13. While Obama was amused entertainment gaiety, North Korea was building up its nuclear potential.
    Trump loses the cold war of North Korea. The US is losing its superpower status. Liberal Obama led the US to a decline in leadership, in the economy, and confidence in the future. Addiction increases.

  14. Go for the sour d. She can’t find pickers, we can’t find trimmers, we trim our own. You can’t grow without a cultivator card. Wine is fine but weed is way better……. happy New year Cali 🙂 woot

  15. Listen to the talking heads – seriously, who do they think they are? Oh wait, isn't that guy in the middle a baby molester & the woman on the right used to work at Mitchell Bros. in SF.

  16. Cannabis is an agricultural product, just like wine grapes, and it should be treated the same.

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