1. Hi thank you so much! My question is for a 3 year old how much of dosis of the CBD gummies are 13mg each? And how often morning and evening?

  2. I just ordered a package of your website, how do I find out how long it will take to arrive please

  3. You getting the giggles 😁was great it was wonderful with my morning coffee!✨☯️✨Namaste✨☯️✨

  4. Hi could you tell me your favorite full spectrum terpenes liquids please as I’m struggling to find any also what’s the name of your vape with the ceramic coil ?

  5. I'm thirteen, and I regularly use CBD oil. (I take it orally.) Do you think it would be better to vape it? I live in the US by the way.

  6. Great point made at 1:58. If you want to target your chest area, use CBD vape juice. Simple solutions are overlooked. 👍👍

  7. Hi! Am I right in thinking I can go buy the 0 nicotine flavours from my local vape shop warm them slightly and just add cbd isolate myself?

  8. i’m 16 and my mom is open to letting me try cbd to help with my bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, and ptsd. i’m really excited to give it a go. thanks for your educational videos! They’ve helped a bunch!

  9. Nice video. I have to try this so i ordered early today cant wait to try it out i ordered 3 diffrent taste this morning
    Blue dream , og kush , watermelon og 😍

  10. you remind me a lot of elizabeth hurley. which particular CBD vape is best for schizophrenia, isolate one or full spectrum?

  11. Hi, I'm a bit confused. I am looking to vape CBD plant(dried flower). What equipment do I need?

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