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With a whole new world of legal cannabis at his disposal, Alex embarks on a journey to de-stigmatize it’s use through hands-on journalism. Cannabis oils have …


  1. @Narcity
    Bad trips and triggers differs from people to people.

    When i feel a bad trip coming, especially from powerful high, what i do is lie down in a safe place and surf the high, the sensations and feelings like on a wave, lightly thinking happy thoughts and visualize pleasant sceneries.

    The essential is just to put yourself in a comfortable situation to relax and process. Close your eyes if it doesn't make you feel more dizzy. Avoid music or TV, as they can stress and be a trigger(yes even favorite music or calm ones). Sugar in the blood can help too. If you feel feel better, more in control, fresh air outside or talking to friend can distract.

  2. I tried 1 ml full bar, wait 2,3 hrs nothing hit me, tried it again right now it been 1 hr nothing πŸ™ this is so weak … I mean if u never smoke weed yeah this may hit, if u smoke weed regularly this thing is a waste of time so weak….

  3. I had surgery on my jaw and the oils really do help with recovery too take my mind off of pain

  4. I take 4 doses rate after I wake up, used to take one ☝️ didn’t do shit for me, 4-6 for me recently new user as well

  5. dude…. I strongly recommend you that you should quit smoking whatever…. your eyes and the dark shadows blow the eyes……. ;;;;;

  6. I like .1 ml per frosted mini wheat, let it soak in and eat it, yummy. Soakes up nice in marshmallow strawberries as well. Insta candies. Love the products. After a full milliliter. Life is good in Canada.

  7. If you wanna get high, get those with high THC oil, usually .75 is good enough for a joint and will last about 3 to 4 hours, in my experience, sometimes it takes as fast as 1 hour to get hit, but sometimes it takes 3 hours.

  8. Are you using the oil now more regular. I'm starting to get into it, would love an update on your oil usage and the dose you take after using it for a while. I need about 1.2ml

  9. your first time you should only use a couple of drops.
    oil is more concentrated than if you smoked it, and the effects last longer. start small and see how it effects you, and then build up to the amount you need for a comfortable effect.
    did the oil you use have THC and CBD or just THC??

  10. I really want to try oil!! But last I checked it was like 80 for a bottle…. or did I get this wrong? Anyway, nice vid!! Thanks!

  11. Great video, thanks for the heads up. I wasn't sure how much I should take but this video showed me everything I needed to know

  12. I ordered Cannabis THC oil from CannTrust website, It was $90 and The colour of the oil is yellowish/brownish. I'm not to sure how to take a dosage. If anyone knows please let me know in the comments. Thanks πŸ’¨πŸ’¨

  13. Awsome video. I'm disappointed in the Solei company for not including any sort of information on dosage. I tried .25. then .50 30 minutes latter. going to bump up to the 1.25 ml dose you tried,and see if I get a similar experience.

  14. Man legal weed here in Canada blows! I am a medical user and it actually smells like some good weed. Tastes awesome too. I take 0.6 ml in a day every day of CBD oil every day.

  15. Lubeing things up πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ By the time you took the secound dosage you’re eye lids where on the floor 🀭

  16. Thanks for the demonstration!!! I just started using the oil and at first it didn't do anything for me because it is the lower dosage I could find so I try doubling the dosage just like you did and it kind of works. Now I'm saying "it kind of works" because I haven't gotten high since I was in my 20's. But i had a car accident in 2014 and I'm in so much pain and the last think i want is to increase my pain pills dosage…its only been a week for me but I noticed that I'm sleeping better and I haven't taken my percocet every 4-6 hours but every 10-12 hours IF NEEDED. I want to try the edible now but I just don't know because I'm not looking to get high, just to say out of pain as much as possible. Thanks for the videos, this was very helpful.

  17. I think u should just use it for the entire week then review. Also different brands to compare. Canopy's products are the worst

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