This is a highly requested video so I really wanted to get this tutorial done for you guys as opposed to instructions. Just so you know, I only smoked 5 bowls in …


  1. This is gonna suck for me cause I fucking hate cranberry juice. thx for the vid thoe I’m deff going blasted to my interview tmrw 😈😈😈

  2. I betchu smoked right after this video too! hahaha just found your channel and I just started smoking woods!!! I wish we could match a wood I love ur vibe bro bro!!!!

  3. what if you do this the day before or two days before a drug test and don’t smoke at all will it still work ??

  4. You should do a unboxing for the weed box mystery box review its the 13$ dollar one wich is actually 19$ with good shipping

  5. I wish I could move to a legal state but I don’t have anyone to roommate with so this video helped for me being in a place where we get drug tested for jobs. Thank you so much. You are an inspiration no lie. ❤️

  6. If I do exactly what you did then drink water constantly everyday like 6 a hour then would I be clean(5 days Untill the drug test)

  7. Me: passes drug test
    looks up video on company computer

    Love the videos keep them coming!! – Your Oceanside stoner buddy

  8. Man I haven't used the cranberry and water and stuff in years they got s*** to cost for 40 bucks pass every time

  9. 😮 i needed this information tomorrow i will have interviw and maybe they could make a drog test… great video

  10. Manager: So, your resume says you can find your way around any obstacle

    Me: I can pass any drug test

    Manager: are you high right now?

    Me: Give me a drug test and find out😜

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