How To Pass A Drug Test Last Minute! (WORKS) “CHECK DESCRIPTION”

What Is Up Stoney Birds?! So you guys got a last minute drug test and smoked weed the night before or month before because weed stays in your system longer then any other drug.. No need…


  1. Update: just passed my test the next day after making this video hope it works for you guys as well good luck and always stay litty fam 🙌🏽

  2. I stopped smoking since Tuesday this week I have my drug test tomorrow will this work for me? 😥

  3. How bout if i take the two pachages in two bottles of gaterate tree hour beford a take the test so i make sure drain my urion out

  4. I got a drug test on Wednesday for a bomb ass job!! I'm about to try this for the first time. Wish me luck peeps.

  5. Does it matter how much weed I was blowing? I was hitting dabs and blunts but I haven’t smoked for 5 days and I’m not getting drug tested until 4 more days. Will I be okay? Please respond because I need help.

  6. If u a heavy smoker and they take ur piss to a lab this method will not help u… trust me..

  7. Just tested myself. It's positive for thc… Got my Certo and Gatorade. I have a multivitamin with b12 in it so I'ma take that as well…. I'll update if I pass. Test is in 3 hours exactly.

  8. smoked 2 days ago and got a test tmr. i got piss pills took about 20 of em. drunk about 30 water bottles and even apple cider vinegar and got certi for tmr think i will pass?

  9. Certo sure jell at Walmart in the food section use cranberry juice obviously any liquid works but cran is best I do one pack night before last 2hours prior. No weed 24hours prior. Body weight height age gender and amount of intake matters. But drink a gallon of water, 2packs certo mix in lots of cranberry juice I used 32oz (2) of them. I smoke a lot and semi big dude it worked so this method should work for most. I recommend b12 or niacin but I didn't and it worked. I did drink a red bull right before my test like 30 mins and my urine was semi yellow not sure if it's cuz drink but maybe. But certo cranberry water and 24 hr clean your good

  10. If I do it the week before like 3 to 4 days will it clear out my system for good till any test 🤔👌🏽?🔥

  11. I smoke weed on April 29 and i smoke again on May 11 and the date today was May 17 how long will it stay on my system because i have a drugtest on May 20 i need some advice guys?

  12. Man shut the fuck up and get to the point . All that shout out and 20 mins of dick riding for likes and shit do that after the point

  13. Ima get drug tested on the 16 this shit better work i see everyone commenting how it did so I have high hopes

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