How To Make A Simple Cannabis CBD Infused Body Butter

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  1. When you let the weed sit for 2 hours is the stove on low? Do I leave on the burner I turned off? Do I just remove it?

  2. If I didn't want the THC in the infused oil or butter, could I just do this with hemp flowers instead? Also, is there a way to determine the mg of CBD in the infused oil?

  3. I have been looking for video 1 and 3 of this series. Where can I find them? I looked through all the videos that are online and still cannot find them

  4. I do the opposite with coconut oil & cocoa butter. I always have canna coconut oil on hand, so I use that & add cocoa butter, beeswax pellets & essential oils (optional).

  5. Thc cream absolutely works as a topical. Decarb, grind, add to oil. Strain. Kills my headaches in minutes

  6. If one is never going to smoke the cannabis and only make alcohol infusions or edibles, could one fast dry it instead of curing it?

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