How to grow outdoor cannabis 2019 (part 3)

How to grow cannabis outdoor/ outside all natural bud growing video Legal weed run for fun and educational purposes must be over 21 years of age please .


  1. Well Hello New Channel! Good Channel "pat" "pat".
    I can't wait to start experimenting myself. I just got into my 1st legal grow and out of 13 I had 7 Males!😢 But hopfully these next 6 finish with buds. 🖒

  2. love your outdoor style of growing. great plants man, damn, very impressive.
    em nw on ur cnl
    got u stay connected

  3. Those are going to be some beast's bro striaght up nice like those maybe need to hook me up on some pointers allways down to learn something new!!

  4. Wish I could grow so openly in the backyard. I’m right in the city, so I just have a couple hidden in the weeds. Last year I had a 2 like 6ft y’all plants back there, was paranoid about it everyday. But I had to harvest like a month early when the landlord wanted to sell the house. It was very depressing

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