how to grow outdoor cannabis 2019 (part 2)

Plants in veg growing outside and flowering budding plants growing indoor cannabis enthusiasts and cannabis how to grow the best weed How to grow …


  1. Good videos bro, where I grow I need to start seedling on styrofoam cups because when I sprout them on the soil right after they crack something always eat them like snails or bugs

  2. Looking good bringing those girls up nice. Dead head of sounds great. Worms are good. I'll stay tuned in to see the growth. Flower out those girls sounds good. ✌ and growers 💘

  3. I hope you don't mind me giving tips I alway's start my seeds in rockwool just by putting the rockwool on a plate wetting it down and plopping the seed in there with a label on the side , 3 to 5 days later I have a seedling because of slugs I usually try to give my plants a better start I'll transplant them into half gallon containers and keep them under a light or on the deck until there to big and tough for the slugs to ravage it looks like you might be in California or somewhere slugs aren't prevalent but encase you do have slugs or snails here's a solution

  4. nice plants, intersting ive never seen , a plant dug up from out door to go back indoor for flowering…. usually its the opposite…. did you just put the plant st8 into the dirt , or did you amend the soil , and if so. how and with what , and how or what are you feeding them?

  5. Sweet! Thank you very much for the Shout out! I appreciate it, when you pulled hem out of the dirt did they go into shock? And also you mentioned that the soil had a ton of earth worms did you put those in the soil or did your soil already have them?

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