How to grow cannabis like a pro. Tips and tricks for best results.

Giving some tips and tricks on how to grow cannabis like a pro. Whether you’re a beginner grower or advanced these tips me help you.


  1. theres no links in description to the chemicals you speak of in the video ( chemicals or nutrients )

  2. rosin pressings is the future of cannabis. Endo, do you think you can fully activate rosin by putting it in an oven at 130 degrees like when you activate bud for edibles? this would make using rosin for edibles really efficient

  3. Hey guys, i work for a Lender company and we fund a lot of start – ups and cannabis businesses, if you guys are really serious in starting the business, we can help lending money so you can start your business

  4. Dang I haven't smoked good bud I'm a minute. I remember when I could get some skunk. But now it's ok stuff around. But I'm one who loves the danky stank stuff. When. I am able to afford it. Hehe🤩

  5. I am looking for some advice I have a couple questions (veg & flower) …. if u have a minute I'd like to pick ur brain …

  6. My girls are looking great I'm super excited for my 1st grow!! Hopeful they will look like your in a couple weeks🤗

  7. Great video bro appreciate the time you take to explain you take on everything and it helps alot.!!!

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