How to Get a Cultivation License to Grow 99 Cannabis Plants in California?

Good cannabis may come to those with money, but the best quality cannabis comes to those who grow. Whether for medical purposes or because you’re tired of …


  1. Watch out for the waterboard . Ca let's u grow em but water board prohibits you watering them without boat load of fees regs document abs bullshit .

  2. Theres alot of concern that this is no longer valid can u address that please due to the changing of laws in 2018

  3. Can you give us a source in the California Law book or State code which supports this information.

  4. its a vegetable n just like out there it should be grown everywhere globally to grow profit etc its just better in desert areas yr round outdoors to help the soil etc guess that's y them not having hella water not bad when u can create water anyway it is inorganic so assuming filtering it

  5. Be compliant! Check out my favorite brand out of Santa Barbara, California on instagram! -> @elitegarden

  6. Fuck my state If wa. They only allow medical to grow and it's 6 plants to 15 your doctor can allow.u can tag team license tho.if you do 15 or more plants you have to register with the state liquor board..fuck that shit. the liquor board has their own police force in regular clothing. That will come out to locations and see if people have their licensing if a neighbor says that they smell weed..fuck legalization. Now small Growers don't stand a chance..

  7. U can’t grow 99 anymore now with full legalization in Cali. Legalization was a scam , it was a big corporate takeover on the industry. They are now prosecuting harder with it legal as well. So I doubt the old school prop215 “99 rule” won’t hold up anymore

  8. Wheres the list of people that followed this information that were prosecuted in court? Are there people that did this and got punished? Just a question..

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