How to Fly with Cannabis in the State of California ?

Today We are Introducing you How to Fly with Cannabis in the State of California ? Cannabis may be legal is California, but that does not allow you to carry it with you on your next flight…


  1. what about edibles? like gummy bears that are like 10mg (=80mg i have left) each bear should i take them and leave them in the air tight thc bag or mix them with regular gummy bears on my carry on in a simple ziplock bag

  2. Omg! Thank you for sharing important info on marijuana law now i can travel with medical marijuana legally just i need to apply for card.

  3. Ahh man…. This is the best video now on youtube. wowww get high in high. Finally first time i can say thank you government for something good

  4. If there's anything I've understood from California's weed regulations, it's this: The government doesn't care about your weed-money or handing out perks if you use cannabis recreationally.

  5. I was worried about how to carry up my stank across the state, well this video made it much more simplified for me while clearing my all doubts! I am glad that my friend suggested me a medical card at the right moment. what could be best that you save up your money and you can carry much more amount of pot with you.

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