1. True legend! I also think that we should focus more on full spectrum oils rather than try adding CBD isolate to every kind of food

  2. So basically you are are lauding someone who promotes a "medicine" without a single reputable study. I don't understand why everyone is jumping the gun. There's no evidence of cbd being medicine. I'm not saying that it can't be, I'm saying that there's no evidence. There's no proof. Why not first study it like any other potential medication?

  3. I don’t have drastic medical conditions, but I have really bad stress, possibly chronic, losing hair and stuff

    However I live in Georgia, so that sucks

  4. Armed ANTIFA firebombs a government facility. Let's talk about weed as a distraction until the news blows over. Hopefully voters won't learn the truth.

  5. Weed cured my childhood epilepsy. Back in the early 80's we didnt understand CBD, but I know something happened to my broken brain the very first time I smoked weed, it was like I could feel my brain reconnect properly. I've never had another seizure since. Nobody can tell me anything different.

  6. Martin Lee, I love that you were intrigued and open minded enough to research CBD and it's properties. You are one laid back cool dude. 💙

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