How Medical Cannabis Works to Help Parkinson's Disease Patients

Medical Cannabis is legal in 33 states now despite having a 94% national support rating. Medical marijuana has helped thousands with cancer, Parkinsons, …


  1. Thanks so much for watching. Would love to know if you or anyone you know who has had success with medical cannabis (and treating for what ailment)? Please share below!

  2. Thank you for sharing this wonderful video! I am Parkinson's patient, I've been diagnosed for PD for about 2 years now. I have great success with medical cannabis in regards to treatment of pain, depression, anxiety, tremors and most of all the rigidity which I feel on a daily basis. I believe in this natural therapy enough to assist Parkinson's support group gatherings in Michigan by presenting education of how it helps with PD and also reveal the truth of how wrong it is to make laws and control a plant that's been used for thousands of years by mankind.

  3. This is so amazing. It also makes me a bit anxious to watch in that it wasn't available before, or I didn't know about it before and wonder if it could've helped my Dad and others that I know who have passed…

  4. Hi ladies. After stumbling across this video, I was pleasantly surprised to find your guys channel (Subscribed! lol) I'm very interested to know what Mums results were, if she followed through with treatment. I work with the elderly, so I know how debilitating parkinsons can become, in regards to the persons quality of life, so I would love to know whether Mum was able to paint again.

    Dr Chin seemed very lovely and informative, however I personally think she should have included Mum in the conversation a bit more, by asking her questions directly, and then letting you both elaborate more on her answer to bring clarifcation.

    All the best to you, with lots of love from New-Zealand

  5. it's very hard, for many, to share these intimate and often painful details of healthcare treatment, especially for aggressive illnesses, so thank you for giving us the opportunity to follow Baba, Kari and you on this appointment, and allowing us to see the process. how long has Baba been taking medical cannabis and CBD, and how is it working for her?

  6. What a great video – your mom ❤️ is amazing 😉. Dr. Chin was so informative 👏
    My sister has diabetes and uses patches for neuropathy in her feet and legs. The 12 hour patches reduced her inflammation and have helped improve her circulation.

  7. The more information and knowledge you accrue with whatever ailment one has, it's only positive. We are grateful to Dr. Chin for helping mom and our family, and educating us on the benefits of cannabis. Plant Power!

  8. Dr. Chin seems so professional and caring. I'm so happy that it's helping your mom. Thanks for this informative video.

  9. Dr. Chin is wonderful. It takes such courage to devote your medical practice/life to something that for many people is taboo. Her compassion is as vast as her bravery. Doctors who embrace alternative therapies are, in my experience, rare. But when the people in the vanguard–folks like Dr. Chin–lead the way with such compassion, it makes it easier for more practitioners to follow. Great video of a great person–great people.

  10. Dr. Chin's explanation and bedside manner are amazing! Was your mom resistant to cannabis at first? Did it hold a cultural taboo at all? My mom was very traditionally Christian, so I wonder if she would've been open to it.

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