How I Make Cannabis Oil to Treat Breast Cancer

Magical Butter Machine: Hi everyone! This is my first real content that I created on YouTube, so please be easy on me. My fiance …


  1. Hi, this is a very informative video. I have the same type of breast cancer as your fiance. I was searching for 'how to remain cancer free after chemo' and came across you video. Can you tell me how many capsules does it make in one whole batch of oil? Can you tell me where I can buy that container you put in the oven? Please provide follow up videos of her progression. Thank you for giving me hope. I subscribed.

  2. Hi Derick how can I get in contact with you my mother-in-law is in need of help and I like to talk about it with you. Thank you

  3. Evidently cannabis does not prevent or treat cancer: if it did cannabis-users would be over-represented amongst the elderly, (which is not the case). Treating symptoms, (e.g. anti-emetic, analgesic, anxiolytic), is not treating the cancer.

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