House Democrats divided on legalizing recreational marijuana

Representatives Marty Moylan (D-Des Plaines) and Bob Morgan (D-Deerfield) join Capitol Connection to debate the future of legal recreational marijuana in …


  1. Everyone should search 'Shafer Report' so you can read for yourselves how they KNEW THC KILLED BRAIN & LUNG CANCERS IN MICE. Nixon swept it under the rug and deened the results CLASSIFIED. See for yourselves folks…. the government has killed 10's of millions of people with their barbaric, INEFFECTIVE cancer 'treatments'. Its infuriating…..

  2. I wanna come on and debate Lyin' Marty Moylan ASAP. This lying, big-pharma scumbag would walk off the stage in embarrassment. Marty, you're a living pieca rat shit…… you know nothing about cannabis…..

  3. this guy.

    "impaired driving.. uh.. ruh.. uh… uhh… kids! the closing of hospitals! psychosis! see i have proof!"

    this is absolutely ridiculous. he has no hard evidence of anything. he is trying to keep people buying laced weed or weed coming from other states that already legalized. I know many people who get their stuff from california, and the millions of dollars being spent on the black market instead of helping the state is going to waste.

    he's also saying there are more visits to the ER. yes, people may freak out their first few times, but 99% of people smoking weed do not need to go to the ER. that being said, it shouldnt cost hospitals much to essentially say "eat some food, drink some water and you'll be okay".

    regardless of legalization, people already smoke. 90% of people at my and my friends' school smoke.
    let me say it again

    legalizing will only make it safer, less stigmatized, and it'll be able to help more people. not to mention the amount of tax revenue.

  4. I believe prop 215 was is 96 so it's been legal for 22 years?! How can you say there's no research? Why only take the info from Colorado and Washington? What about Alaska, California, and Oregon? How about the fact that's its legal in the district of Columbia but not Maryland? What the fuck?

  5. Y'all got 9 months before the good people of Michigan send down 1000 lbs and make the millions illinois shoulda

  6. Slow it down till it goes away , but somehow drinking alcohol, cigarettes all ok, for this OLD timmer , GET HIM OUT OF OFFICE

  7. Antiquated thinking from a man who is clearly out of touch with reality. I don't encourage impaired driving, but let's be honest, anyone who wants to smoke and drive is already doing so. He says he wants to protect children, but minors already have easy access to cannabis through a conveniently unregulated black market. Form a legal market and regulate heavily, just as we do with alcohol.

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