Honest Government Ad | Djab Wurrung Trees

The Australien and Victorien Governments have made an ad about destroying 600 year old trees to build a highway, and it’s surprisingly honest and informative!


  1. Yes, yes, yes, it's all terrible but when do we get to see Sheila here in a bikini? That's what we really want.

  2. If after having opportunity to communicate some well engineered direction changing projects to a collection of the worlds most powerful people the only valid thing you can think to do is chuck a car into space. etc, etc, etc. AI politicians you know they make sense.

  3. Hey there, have you heard the 10,000 cash limit bill Australia is trying to sneak thru parliament in August… IN THE INTEREST OF THE PEOPLE did a recent video on this which I think all Aussies need to stand against and write to gov opposing this tyranny and control."

  4. They devastated Toowoomba range to build a monstrosity A sinking highway before it is even complete such genius Back pocket corruption in every corner of the public services from the top down I remember the days when they camped across from parliament house not much advancement in fifty years Sold out to the highest bidder CHINA the most demonic regime on the planet Nice to see this generation waking up

  5. It's funny!!! Yet incredibly fucked up at the same time…. Great to see you sharing local stories too!!! Well done guys !!!!! Don't stop now 🙂

  6. Yes I don't give a fuc, as if I believe the indigenous they make things up too ! Fairy stories

  7. We took your land, your children, and now your trees… because 3 is a better number than 2?

  8. Isn't technology amazing, one day science will create an ass that don't fart and a smiley-cnut that don't talk too much…

  9. Do you guys accept cryptocurrencies for donations? Paypal & patreon will end up cutting you out eventually cause of the type of content.

  10. Planting new forests is important in every country. Its time to find alternatives to building with wood.

  11. i see lena paul sisiter talking Shitfuckery. , i click.
    If the protest & people matters then they should
    Lay a pillars of concrete and build highways on that. natives happy. Travellers on Highway happy.

  12. If either of you fine sheilas fancy a fuck with the EU and Brexit, there's enough shitfuckery going on there for a whole new channel

  13. Dont forget all those downtown trees that must be cut to allow 5G signals.. clear line of sight.

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