Homegrown Episode 3 – How to Control Pests and Protect Your Cannabis Plant

Wondering how to protect your cannabis plant from pests and other pathogens? In this episode, learn why a taking preventative approach to pest control can give your plant the strength it needs…


  1. Why does he constantly show his teeth while speaking? Typical american

  2. I only use water in a big pump spray bottle to get rid of bugs and never needed fungicides or insecticides.

  3. i'm actually against "topping" because it's actually hurting the plant 🙁 imagine your fingers or limbs……. being cut off…… it will definitely make you suffer and cry…. but yessss, low stress training is a perfect option. You can actually create a "Bonsai" kush plant! i mean…. WILL, JUST THINK ABOUT IT! a greenhouse FULL of miniature kush TREES hehe

  4. Topping is not the only available option if you have a space/height problem, low stress training is also a good option, plus you don't have to waist the top of the plant which generality grows the largest flower on the plant.

  5. Hey man is there a way i can work for you. Im looking for a job a to me this seems exactly what id be into

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