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  1. I encourage anyone to leave our questions in the comment section. I will get back to you. ✅

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  2. first time grower here matt fellow canuck too ,,,about a week away from my first harvest white rhino , im getting excited , so far

    so good

  3. In regards to pest control, how do you control bugs and small invaders in your grown spaces? … Also, I thoroughly enjoy your channel, keep up the great work! ✌😎

  4. Man these weed growing channels are just so wonderful. So much FREE information. BE GRATEFUL PEOPLE!!! These YouTubers have made apprentices out of all of us who plan to seriously grow and DAMN do they deliver. Thanks to you sir!!!

  5. I am just wondering. I have two plants on day 56. They are Iced out big time. This is my first grow. When do the plants start to turn colour. I started flush day 53. The growers information said 63-64 days until finish and My plants are still green. And the buds are small. Maybe due to the strain. Fruity pebbles, and Quebec purple. Any information will help?

  6. I rather smoke what mother nature. Gave then to take man made pills. Since i retired from the army VA rather you die. Just one less vet they have to deal with.

  7. My trichomes are cloudy and amber but my leaves have not faded, should i harvest or wait another week or two. Theyre in week 9.

  8. Can u tell how good a plants strain is by its leaves at all, the shade ,purple in leaves,size an overall color,,like are light green plants better than dark leaves?

  9. First time amateur grower. I have a beautiful ak-47 hybrid and I’m not sure when to harvest. Started 12/12 on nov. 12th. Not a high tech setup but I am so excited. Any tips on what to look for for harvesting?

  10. Been following for a while now loving the content.. quick question How many Moby dick XXL would you keep in a 4ft ×4ft tent?

  11. MR.CANUKS!!!..You the best at it..the rest!..is just addict's..keep poppin them in the head with these great info videos

  12. mcg, about an hour ago i thought i posted a comment on one of your videos. now i cannot locate it. have you blocked it. it was meant as a PSA. cheers

  13. Ive tried it both ways, bending branches and straight up buds.
    Straight up works 3× as better for me. Same amount of closet space .

  14. Great video buddy. I'm in Chicago what's a good seed bank??? I ordered from seedsman 3 months a go I'm still waiting :

  15. No offense intended with this question. Are the flowers typically small on the strain your harvesting here (Pineapple Chunk)? They look SUPER Frosty, but seem to be on the small side, especially with so much lighting.I'm new (Starting my 3rd small grow soon) so be kind. lol.. Thanks.. 🙂

  16. Dude seeing that Weed tree pre-flower is amazing, i would probably not hold myself from chopping it down a week early.
    Can you tell, is it okay that i started flushing 14 days before harvest ? well the plant survive ?

  17. I have several 15, 14, and 12fters. It is 11/15/18 and my tricoms are still white. When do I pick them!?

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