High Times So Cal Cannabis Cup 2017 ?

A quick overview of the High Times So Cal Cannabis Cup 2017 Music – Pure Gold 3 – Niklas Ahlström When It Feels Right (Instrumental Version) – Kalle Engstrom …


  1. Vader, ninja, and all the boys and girls with the OG team(h ell this goes out to the others too, Medgrower1, Mau5, all you) you guys are the shit! I have most recently come back into the game after my Big brother was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. back in the day I was one of VERY few larger hydro grows in, let's say southeastern arizona. unbeknownst to me, My wife recently told me that the saddest she's ever seen me was the day I was tearing down and cleaning my three room grow space. I've kept it on the straight until seeing how this wonderful plant actually effected my Big brothers recently at the time,(5 years ago)diagnosed Parkinson's. it was fucking unreal! I don't even smoke anymore and am a hard person to convince but what I've seen him go through is nothing short of amazing! when you listen to these people talk about how much of a life saver it's been for their migraines, cancer, tremors etc. etc., you just can't even imagine until it's close enough to bite you in the ass. we've recently finished up our first run of meds, and it's just like riding a bike! I forgot how much I love this tarde. the best part is that my enjoyment has been amplified 10x knowing how much it's changed my brothers life for the better! I love bringing relief and a "Creeping" smile upon my brothers face. I sit back in disbelief when I notice that the horrible tremors that plagued the entire length of his left body, have all but vanished!!!! Keep up the good work and hopefully I will some day join you on the stage that is the social media information highway. that is if I can ever convince my brother, for some reason he s REALLY PARANOID LOL)
    Strife. WZRD

  2. Do you guys even get high anymore,, how many times a day you guys smoke,,, and how long have you gone without weed?

  3. Killing it brotha your photography and shots of everything are on point💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽🔥🍁🙌🏽🤙🏽💯💯💯!! Hope to make it out to more events to hang it with you guys !!!!

  4. Having heard how hot it was all I can think of is all y'all just gritting your teeth and getting high and rolling with it anyway. It's almost motivational how cheerful you folks looked lol

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