Here's How Pure, Clean Cannabis Extraction Works

Cannabis extraction methodology can be complicated and opaque, leaving consumers to wonder how clean their cannabis oil actually is. Capna Systems …


  1. This is why I stopped vaping street carts. Until I can get them from a dispensary, I’m done using street. This is beautiful.

  2. Save money. Make rosin from flower, mix with wax liquidizer and add true terpene. Then add to a cartridge. You can get so much more from your money.

  3. This just seems like a waste of time like why can’t people engineer more important things we need to clean the ocean feed the world get fresh drinking water have world peace not make weed oil

  4. "Cannabis extraction methodology can be complicated and opaque" How is this complicated lmaoo all you do is wash the constituents with cold ethanol a few times and then remove the ethanol….an 8yo can do that sheesh

  5. all these comments are retarded. weed is ruining everybody's intellect and it's hilarious to watch.

  6. wish you would have been a little more in-depth? but a pretty good video! I knew somebody that was making it I couldn't understand why they were using CO2 and ethanol? well this makes total sense! Still looking for in the process? 😇

  7. so we smokeEthanol butane and propane Co2 and ethanol , wtf are you somking??? JETFUEL??

  8. listen dudes.
    for all you potheads
    this process…is known. as the essential oil extraction process. theres no difference between this, and the lavender oil, tea tree oil, ginger, cinnamon, oregano oil extraction process.
    youre being silly in thinking this is "unnatural" its not. its very natural. you wouldnt call the bottles of lavender and rosemary oil they sell in cvs or rite aid, unnatural, would you? stop being silly about "purity" you sound silly in thinking theres any difference between the essential oil of a plant and the dry herbs of the plant. there isnt. stop it.
    all youre doing is making every herbologist like me, ROFL, with ignorant statements.
    lastly, if u get a bad cart, its not so much the counterfeited cart thats the issue, the reality is,,,,u got dealt a shitty product from YOUR SHITTY DEALER. its your dealer that sucks not the essential oil of cannabis people.
    get a new dealer. seriously. one thats professional and cares about selling you quality gear.

  9. Whats the difference between the clear and the brown. I got some of a bad batch and it tasted just like vegetable oil. Kind of ruined my desire for vaping

  10. I love it great job looks clean feels nice seeing you happy awsome I'd like to try it if it completely will not hurt the bees lol

  11. We are so use to weed, but common this is like making meth coke or heroin, just make every damn drug legal, its your body your choice and all the drug addicts mostly dont harm other people just want to get their fix.

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