Hemp law pits Gov. Abbott against prosecutors

Governor Greg Abbott sent every district and county attorney letters reminding them marijuana is still illegal and a new law demands enforcement on …


  1. Just legizie it why are we waisting money on this just tax it and sell it we lost are state need the money

  2. Problem is illegal search and seizure. They can't seize weed prior to testing it. So if they test it after they confinscate it a jury will throw it out for illegal arrest and illegal search and seizure. Technically they can not seize marijuana in Texas because they can not prove it is not legal hemp. This is unconstatutional and the only criminals with evidence against them are the arresting officers who false imprisoned someone and stole their property.

  3. Abbott wants to perform illegal arrest eith no evidence. That is unconststutional. Abbott needs to be impeached for false arrest he supports.

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