Harvesting very large fruity pebbles medical marijuana plant grown indoors in Coco and perlite

fruity pebbles has been getting flushed for 10 weeks and is now being harvested. Historically her buds have tested as high as 30%, I will be sure to do a testing …


  1. Nice.. R1 week… sooo much fade??? Do some genetics keep their color in the leaves thru harvest… ???. Or do you need to flush more for different strains.. Just smoked a bowl of BBK 🙂 .. Thanks

  2. Heck yeahhhhh she looks soo good I have an orange fruity pebbles can’t wait👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  3. great stuff harvest time all the time for you mate lol im growing a darkstar from th seeds started the flush today really good strain cheers keep your hands in the dirt growers luv

  4. How about growing some Inhouse genetics. The Slurriecane would be a good one or the Platinum punch.

  5. Hey bro, I’ve been at it for over 2+ decades, but I gotta ask……..
    Please show how & why you use so many stakes in each 10 gal. Pot., Well I mean a few is understandable but your putting 20,30, or more in each………..WOWZER!!!

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