This Channel✅ Posts EVERY SUNDAY! Todays video shows the harvest process I use for my medicinal cannabis. Im showing the drying and curing process.


  1. I hope every ones week went well. Please don't be shy about leaving your questions down below, I will reply 😉 even if its just a hello.

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  2. Will keep this video in mind your videos are always helpful. Do you have any videos on how to femanized seeds to continue your femanized strains ?

  3. Does mainling slowing the plant to grow flower?, I mean if u dont do it will grow flower sooner right?

  4. Thank you for the helpful video now I'll be able to cure when it's time but I do have one question tho my plant has be growing for like 6 months and nothing's happing ???? Help

  5. bro this is so amazing, i would love to go into that room and smell it 😭😭 i would be so amazing bro, great job !

  6. How long do I hang the full tree upside down before I start to chop each branch individually to hang? Thanks

  7. Hey whats up my sister has been growing 10 plants for 8 months but no buds what so ever and they been fead fish nutrients is that good

  8. I did none of this.i harvested my one weed plant let it dried a few days and smoke it. Ain't gonna lie it was pretty good.

  9. 1) Middle of week 9

    2) Plants in 5 gallon pots

    3) At end of flowering leaves are yellowing.. clean then up

    4) medium (soil) is dry.. light watering

    5) Leave lights on for a few more days

    6) 48 hours of darkness immediately prior to harvest avoiding THC breakdown

    7) Cut large branches with almost all leaves on them only remove dead and dry leaves

    8) 7 to 10 days dry period (total darkness as light causes THC to breakdown)

    9) Hide from heat (65 – 75 degrees, wind and high humidity (45 to 55%)

    10) After 9 days flowers crisp to the touch and stems gently break instead of bending


    1) Remove as many leaves as possible (leaves have less THC & harsh on the throat)

    2) Proper curing prevents THC from becoming less strong

    3) Place flowers into a baggy or jar in a cool dark place

    4) First week burp the contents several times a day to remove excess moisture

    5) smell of mold or ammonia flowers not ready for cure remove from bag/container

  10. I just posted a short (15 second) clip of my family’s grow op. We literally have millions of plants. Check it out. If enough folks are interested, I will show the whole operation, as well as give some insight as to how we do it, licensing requirements etc. Thanks

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