Harvest Season: Life on a Cannabis Farm in Southern Oregon

Harvest season in Southern Oregon is in full swing. The long, warm summers, rich native soil, and excellent sunlight make this one of the best natural …


  1. Wow…ur plants r beautiful. I started a smaller med garden this year. I live in williams… josephine county. It's a ton of work, but I hope one day, as i learn I'll b as good as u. It's a wonder place 2 be…

  2. Can we find medusa the scumbag lying skankapotimus!? She still burning folks and acting like a victim!? Yeah maintaining a cultivar that Mother Nature did all the hard work on…..yeah rough! Lmao money grabbers! They are called glandular trichromes lmao! Did this "farmer" also know that these are bioaccumulators!? What's being put into these cultivars all season long!? Yeah!

  3. Phantom has the worst tasting prerolls on the market. Beautiful packaging is no substitute. All ego no talent here.

  4. i want to shelter myself in a weed canopy with a grill and a laptop with a mini-fridge and binge watch top-tier cannabis content like this all day till the night comes and play psychedlic music under the stars with all of you live streaming your holograms and joining me in my 360 creative worldspace. see you there, rockstars

  5. that's cool and all but the problems with these big farms is . they only hire close friends or family . making it to where somebody that's always been a loner don't have a single chance in hell on being hired for a job . just like everything else that pays good . you've got to know somebody or be family . fucking bullshit

  6. Your lacking so many strains on your site…. c'mon guys you don't add new strains anymore you lazy bastards, what exactly are you doing

  7. Buds looking good!
    Outdoor = more sustainable, more environmentally friendly!
    Thanx for those insights!

  8. I'll work for free just to learn,,
    I'm an electrician by trade but I love pot and working outdoors.

  9. Omg I want to get hired pls!!!! I can’t find a way to get hired for a farm!!!! Craigslist no one replies 😂

  10. This ol' world is getting to me

    There’s just no trust, no 'tegridy

    So I loaded up the kids, took my wife by the arm

    And I moved on out to a Colorado farm

    Now it's early to bed, early to rise

    The crops are plowed and it’s no surprise

    City folks are fightin' and I don't give a darn (darn, darn)

    Cause I make my living on a Colorado farm

    I gotta drive the tractor, gotta cut the grass

    Chut-chut goes the baler like it's never gonna last

    There's food in the kitchen and there's bud in the barn (barn, barn)

    That's life living on a Colorado farm

    Ice-cold beer, pickup truck. Country Music, listin' shit

    We got tegridy to keep us warm

    That’s what you get on a Colorado Farm

    And I’m gonna stay on a Colorado Farm

  11. the american dream.. people should rally together and change laws.. its hard working labor leaders like these mother fuckers like these guys that make a person proud// hard to believe that this company can not !!! put there money in the bank like a average money making business… the fed government says since pot is not teq legal any money made from it there not going to recognize it…some one should creat an app to put money in some internet app amazing how much money banks make from interest ., shit pay 17 dollars a year to be a member of some money saving app , to end the banks ownership of this great country shit you want buy a house or new pair of boots have tab in the app to barter with people who have the money to barter with to creat contracts to barrow money from those who can afford it, for a fee not some outragus % amount like it is now,, can believe how much money they get in interest…for what!! so they can tell these worthless politicians how to vote, since they pay there ways..

  12. Am I the only one who got triggered when I seen the person at 4:11 grabbing the whole bud like it's a hotdog. That's not how you handle fresh cannabis. You should always hold the bud by the stem.

  13. I also live in Southern Oregon and grow cannabis for the medical market on a smaller scale. I use the same exact technique as this guy to the T. From cover crops, and composting waste. All the way down to processing. I always prefered to big leaf at cut, then dry, then go back and trim it up.

  14. You guys need to open a second location in Oklahoma. Land is dirt cheap and there arent very many people able or experienced in grow culture. In box me if u need any info…

  15. Thing about working on these farms is it is ALL about how fast you can work and they watch you so close to see if there is any possible way to scrape out another half percent of product out of your day. Really a corporate mentality, not somewhere you can actually enjoy your work and I would not recommend working at these places.

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